Defiler - Walk In the Glow: Defiler - Walk In the Glow , Defiler - Walk In The Glow.720, DEFILER - "WALK IN THE GLOW", DEFILER - WALK IN THE GLOW

Defiler - Walk In the Glow

United States
Стиль: Metalcore / Hardcore
Sorry I haven't had time to do any covers lately! Also, another apology for this being pre-recorded. I just haven't had time to do some live covers. Hopefully I will here soon.

Go check out 'Defiler' and link my video on their page please!

All rights go to 'Defiler' and their label.

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Haven't seen a lot of covers for this song, so here's mine!
Meu cover da musica walk in the glow criada pela banda defiler do album nematocera.
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Гитраный кавер на группу Defiler,песню Walk in the Glow. Подбирал самостоятельно. Сыграл на Schecter Omen Extreme-7 через Guitar Rig 5.
Live in Russia, Voronezh 2013 (Воронеж, Тарантул)

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