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Deceptive Cadence

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Remembering This Day Aria - 0:00 - 1:09
Deceptive Cadence - 1:09 - 3:45

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Brony musicians everywhere have been all a'buzz with the release of this new tune "This Day Aria." With it having been remixed every which way already, I found myself thinking, "What would Queen Chrysalis do?" Then this little number was born. In a way, it dabbles with deception from numerous angles: harmonic, thematic, etc. Amusingly however, the deceptive cadence itself is never used explicitly. Double deception?!

A gentle but I hope slightly eerie-sounding piano introduction warms things up with the familiar tune over an unfamiliar progression. I wanted it to sound vaguely like a reminiscence. With a SNAP, this gives way to a hard bop rendition of the aria with Coltrane and I each taking solos.

I am interested in how many of you will respond to this
Baltimore rock band AVEC played their friends' Rock N Roll Reception 8.22.10 to help celebrate their marraige. Deceptive Cadence, off AVEC's first full length, was a request. Glad to oblige! Thanks to everyone for helping with all the cameras.
This is sort of a mashup of my own Chrysalis theme and her parts in This Day Aria, illustrating her assault on Canterlot :3

Soft, as usual: Cubase, Kontakt, LASS, Symphobia, Cinebrass and True Strike.


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Thanks to all who helped during creation of this song! ^^

This Day Aria by Daniel Ingram

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