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Patna: Boat carrying 40 capsises in Ganga, death toll reaches 21

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Melodic Death, Thrash Metal
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From Hexvessel's debut album, "Dawnbearer".
© Svart Records - 2011.

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“#ShotsFired @PlayFactory's been murdering the editing game - follow em for a more accurate death toll -
“The death toll is rising... #BetweenSeries #BetweenOnCity @jessecarere #JesseCarere @city_tv”
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Фильм расскажет о жизни в Новом Орлеане, который по праву считается самым криминальным в Америке. Здесь царят коррупция среди чиновников, уличный бандитизм и массовые убийства. С этим и приходится мириться каждому жителю города, и только сильнейшие могут сохранить свою честь и идеалы, каждый день противостоя той грязи и крови, которые щедро выплескивают на них затянутые в бетон улицы.
At least 35 people have been killed in Paris after multiple explosions and shootings at at least four different locations throughout the French capital, according to reports.

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The death toll rises in Ukraine's east as fighting between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists intensifies, after peace talks collapse. Gavino Garay reports.

More updates and breaking news:

Reuters tells the world's stories like no one else. As the largest international multimedia news provider, Reuters provides coverage around the globe and across topics including business, financial, national, and international ne
A suspected chemical attack in a town in Syria's northern Idlib province killed dozens of people on Tuesday, Syrian opposition activists said, desc...

The very start of While She Sleeps performing Death Toll on the main stage at Download Festival 2014 on Saturday (14/06/2014). WSS were awesome, can't wait for them to go on tour in the UK!
Workers continues to search for residents buried under the rubble of collapsed homes and buildings.
Ссылка на группу Экхарт Толле
Ecuador Earthquake: Death Toll Rises To 246

Rescuers are searching for survivors following the most powerful earthquake to hit the South American country in decades.

A 7.8 magnitude quake has struck the central coast of Ecuador, killing hundreds of people and trapping many others.
Вот и настал момент истины! В этой заключительной части моего прохождения кампании Death Toll вы окончательно убедитесь в гениальности ИИ ботов и, скорее всего, согласитесь, что проходить кампании лучше всего с живыми людьми, особенно с друзьями. Спасибо всем, кто сумел досмотреть это прохождение. Надеюсь, концовка вас хотя бы рассмешит, так как я при перепросмотре не смог удержаться. Это просто epic... вот только fail или win решать вам. Приятного просмотра.
Вот и подоспела 3 часть моего прохождения кампании Death Toll игры Left 4 Dead. Мы продолжаем бегать по павшему от натиска зомби городку. Мы все ближе подбираемся к финалу, где... ладно, всему свое время. Надеюсь, у вас хватит терпения досмотреть до конца это прохождение :)
Left 4 Dead 2 speedrun on Death Toll in 6:14

► Speedrun: Scripted, TAS
► Mode: Single Player
► Difficulty: Realism Expert
► Using cl...

Made with Source Filmmaker.

Getting Other Source Games and Mods to Work with the SFM
Ukraine's brittle truce shattered on Thursday in fierce clashes between baton-wielding protesters and riot police that an opposition medic said cla...
'Maryland Deathfest 2014'
25/05/2014@Sound Stage

More action from Liz and the others! We pass this finale!

Rekterize as Legendary Biker:
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The death toll continues to mount in Yemen since Saudi Arabia and its allies launched a military campaign a year ago. . Report by Jessica Wakefield.

From the album, 'Infection Legacy'
© 2013

Pre order 'Infection Legacy' at

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Malice Incarnate -

Official website -
01. Nothing In Common
02. Control
03. Taught to Consume
04. No Escape
05. Modern-Day Slavery
06. Piss-stained Press
07. Purchased Happiness
08. Crippled and Dead
09. Cycle of Misery
10. False Comfort
11. Shepherd
12. Collateral Murder
13. Drunk on Authority
14. Empty Pose
15. Traditions
16. Bleak
17. Commodities
18. Profiting on Fear
19. Maskmen
20. Sickened
21. Civilian Targets
22. Manipulated
23. Harsh Realities
a halál vámszedői - death toll
Audio Newspaper
Fatalities among the victims of the Shoreham air show crash could rise to 20, police in the area have said, prompting calls for a reappraisal of the rules surrounding aerial displays.
Some 11 fatalities occurred after a Hawker Hunter jet failed to pull out of a loop maneuver during a display on Saturday afternoon, crashing into cars and cyclists on the A27.

Emergency services will recover the wreckage on Monday afternoon. Police believe more bodies could be discovered.

“To give people a s
Death Toll Rising perform Scorched Earth Policy at their CD release
show in Calgary @the Palomino.
visuals courtesy of SlimBzTV and Tales From The PIT Production, for "the Absent".
Obscene Extreme Festival, Trutnov, Czech Rep., 7-8-9.07.2011

Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle: Ch. 9 "Death & The Eternal"

Music: Clint Mansell - Together We Will Live Forever / Anathema - Dreaming: The Romance

"When you walk through a forest that has not been tamed and interfered with by man, you will see not only abundant life around you, but you will also encounter fallen trees and decaying trunks, rotting leaves and decomposing matter at every step. Wherever you look, you will find death as well as life.

Upon closer scrutiny, however, you w
Выкладываю 2 часть моего прохождения кампании Death Toll игры Left 4 Dead. С каждой частью особые зараженные начинают действовать все более дерзко, пытаясь угробить нашу славную команду выживших. В этой части мы, кстати, доберемся до города, но перед тем, как попасть туда, мы встретим еще одного выжившего. Думаете, это хороший знак? Нет, лучше бы мы его не встречали...
Dopethrone Tour XVI (Part III)
Circle Of Infection European Tour 2016
Dopethrone + Fistula + Grime + Fange
Le Mercredi 26 Octobre 2016
Paris, Le Gl...
Death Toll 80K - 2015 - Malmi
Song is from:

Titled: "Leeroy Jenkins (fun times remix)"

Im back! Here we got a quick speedrun I did of Death Toll on Expert. I dont reccomend trying this unless you are freakishly good because the third level on expert is very... very.... very.... hard.
(It took us mabye 24 failed tries before getting it right. There are like atleast two tanks always in the worst moments....)

Anywho, let me know how you liked this one compared t
Death Toll is the third (originally second prior to the release of Crash Course) campaign in Left 4 Dead.
Death Toll was released for Left 4 Dead 2 on September 16th, 2011. Weapons and enemies from Left 4 Dead 2 were carried over into the original version together with various amendments to the way the campaign is played: please refer to the requisite section for specific details.
Spanning five chapters, Death Toll is set in and around a small (cf. road side population sign) town named Riverside where the S
In Crystal Rivers, Florida, residents depend on a healthy manatee population for the local economy. But with the largest number of manatee deaths in recorded history, 2013 was a dire year, with more than 800 deaths for these friendly giants.

Read more about the challenges manatees face:


SlimBzTV and Tales from the PIT Productions is pleased to bring you Edmonton's "Death Toll Rising". Join them as they unleash their wrath "Judas Cradle" a track off of their recently released CD "Infection Legacy" at Calgary's "Palomino Club".
If you would like to see more from "Death Toll Rising" check out their Face Book page.
If you like what you see and hear, don't be shy, leave a comment. I would love to know where all the views come from so if you could please include your country, that would be
SlimBzTV catches Death Toll Rising unleashing the Title track from their new CD, "Infection Legacy", at the CD release show @the Studio in Edmonton Alberta.
All footage is courtesy of SlimBzTV and Tales from the PIT Productions, for "the Absent".
A 7.9-magnitude earthquake has struck Nepal and India, killing more than 1,500 people. The most severe damage was seen in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, where buildings collapsed, causing numerous injuries. Read More:


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Bloody Day: Snipers, Fires & Bodies; so far 100 Dead in Protests
( Dozens of protesters were reported killed by government snipers in the Ukrainian capital Kiev after they had hurled firebombs and advanced on police lines.
At least 70 died and hundreds were wounded according to an unconfirmed report from a protest doctor.
Video footage on Ukrainian television showed shocking scenes today of protesters being cut down by gunfire, lying on the pavement as comrades rushed to their aid. T
I do this for those in need. I do this for "the Absent", for the people who will never experience the joy of a live show due to illness. I do this for my brother Karl, and I do it for you... \m/
SlimBzTV and Tales From The PIT Productions are beyond stoked to open a window that looks back on that Friday night when those Thrashin Death Metal Boys from "Death Toll Rising" outta SHREDmonton did their part to rip down The Republik night club while supporting Kataklysm in Calgary during their recent tour.
ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО ПОДПИШИТЕСЬ НА | Russian losses in the Donbas exceeded the death toll in Afghanistan news from Ukraine 27.01 2015 Recent dramatic events in Donetsk airport, as well as in other parts of Ukrainian Front significantl...
Iraq's about to mark 10 years since the U.S.-led invasion with 30 deaths from bomb attacks last week in Baghdad and 10 more on Sunday in the south.In 2003, Washington unleashed its 'shock and awe' air strikes aiming to rid the country of suspected weapons of mass destruction and topple Saddam Hussein. A decade later, arguments persist over whether anything was achieved.


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La Nouvelle-Orléans est la capitale du crime et de la violence. Exsangue, après le passage dévastateur de l´ouragan katrina la ville doit lutter contre les trafiquants de drogue. Le maire Padial et son équipe combattent le crime. Ils réaslisent ce que personne n´a réussi auparavant:rentrer en confrontation directe avec les criminels et surtout le vicieux (the dog),redouté de tous.

Origine du film : USA 2007

Réalisateur : Phenomenon
death toll 80k * live ++ obscene extreme 08 ++

Death Toll In Lebanon Explosions Rises To 42
Two blasts outside mosques in the northern city of Tripoli leave hundreds more injured, according to the Lebanese health minister.
At least 42 people are believed to have been killed and hundreds injured in two powerful explosions in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli.

The blasts occurred outside two mosques on the Muslim day of prayer, when the buildings are likely to have been packed.

The first explosion happened near Taqwa mosque, close
Another 106 died the last 2 days of the Ebola Virus raising the death toll in West Africa to 1,350 since march of 2014 also also
The death toll in Syria's three-year conflict has nearly doubled in a year, rising to 191,369 people reported killed between March 2011 and the end of April 2014, a United Nations Human Rights report has said.
The death toll of endangered Asiatic lions due to flash flood in Amreli and Bhavnagar has gone up to ten.
The other hand, 157 carcasses of blue bulls were recovered, taking the toll to around 400 in Bhavnagar alone. Carcasses of nine spotted deer, six wild boars and one jackal have also been recovered so far and the NDRF teams will keep on inspecting islands in the dam also.

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Thousands of Nepalese citizens spent the night outdoors following a devastating earthquake which killed at least 1,900 people.
Mountaineering officials say the quake triggered avalanches which killed at least 17 people on Mount Everest - in the worst ever disaster on the peak.
Nick Quraishi reports.

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Audio Newspaper
Fatalities among the victims of the Shoreham air show crash could rise to 20, police in the area have said, prompting calls for a reappraisal of the rules surrounding aerial displays.
Some 11 fatalities occurred after a Hawker Hunter jet failed to pull out of a loop maneuver during a display on Saturday afternoon, crashing into cars and cyclists on the A27.

Emergency services will recover the wreckage on Monday afternoon. Police believe more bodies could be discovered.

“To give people a s
We're relentlessly told that we must "never forget" the "Six Million" victims of Hitler and the Nazis. But we hear far less about the vastly greater number of victims of Lenin and Stalin, and the grim legacy of Soviet Communism. Some 20 million people perished as victims of the Soviet regime, historians acknowledge. Jews played a decisive role in founding and promoting the egalitarian-universalist ideology of Marxism, in developing the Marxist political movement, and in brutally establishing Bolshevik rule
Programms used:
SONY Vegas Pro 12

Pixel Force Left 4 Dead - Stage 1
Rihanna - Umbrella (feat. Jay-Z)
Bill Conti - Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)
Sad Trombone
In Paris' bomb blasts, 158 people have died in Bataclan concert hall. According to sources, 5 terrorists have been killed by the police.

Zee News is the highly popular Hindi News channel of India’s largest television network ZMCL. The channel, which has a huge following in India and abroad, has won several prestigious national and international awards. Amongst its popular programs are -

Dr. Subhash Chandra Show:
Daily News and Analysis:
Rescue teams have been searching for survivors in the historic city of Bhaktapur, near the Nepali capital Kathmandu.

The 7.9 magnitude earthquake was the biggest disaster to hit Nepal in over 80 years... and the government has yet to assess the full scale of the damage.

Four days on from disaster, Prime Minister Sushil Koirala announced the death toll could reach 10,000. It currently stands at more than 4,500.

With the rain forecast to continue, many have been forced to take refuge in makeshi…
The death toll from Nepal's devastating earthquake could reach 10,000 as the Country's Prime Minister is saying also also
The plague of Ebola continues to rise to 2,296 and West Africa is in great fear also also
The World Health Organization Director says the plague is rising faster than ability to manage it. also also also
Death toll rises in West Africa as the 7 last plagues may be in the process of being poured out on the earth also
Audio Newspaper

British holidaymakers were forced to flee “apocalyptic” flash floods in the French Riviera which claimed at least 19 lives.

The river Brague burst its banks sending water coursing into towns and cities as holidaymakers climbed on to roofs of caravans on a flooded campsite.
County officials reminded the public Friday morning that “the danger is not over,” from the Arctic Blast that claimed 12 lives in western New York.

Ebola death toll surpasses 5,000

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has now claimed 5,147 lives, the World Health Organization announced on Wednesday. According to its latest statistics, more than 400 new infections were reported in Sierra Leone during the week leading up to November 9, but the outlook in Guinea and Liberia is a little more hopeful. "There is some evidence that case incidence is no longer increasing nationally in Guinea and Liberia, but steep increases persist in Sierra Leone," the WHO said
Приветствую! Даже не знаю с чего начать... Я сделал прохождение (или что-то вроде этого) следующей кампании в игре Left 4 Dead. Сложность на этот раз была "мастер". Знаете, все начиналось вроде бы неплохо и ничто не предвещало беды. Наверно, вам уже стало любопытно, что же такое случилось в этом летс... прохождении? Смотрите все части и вы обязательно поймете почему для нормальной игры на сложности начиная от "мастер" и до "эксперт" нужен хотя бы еще 1 живой и вменяемый человек, почему боты могут сильно усл
Самый известный и популярный зомби-шутер! Теперь и на моём канале.
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Яндекс.Деньги: 410011997749143
Опубликовано 26 дек. 2012 г.
Использованная музыка:
Ляпис Трубецкой - Капитал
John Powell - Bolt Transforms
I Blame Coco - Caesar
Опубликовано 10 окт. 2011 г.
Использованная музыка:
Logistics - Transporter
Better Than Ezra - Black Light
The group released a new propaganda video showing boys training and carrying out mock ambushes.

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Sam Fletcher, Marty Thompson, Strannik и Nick Cave продолжают крушить зомбаков!
Подписывайтесь, ставьте лайки, буду благодарен ^_^

Сделано специально для

Used: #Guitar Rig and #Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
While She Sleeps Official website -
An orchestration of 'Taking the Death Toll' from Duke Nukem 3D. This was mostly an experiment with some things but I figured I would post it for people who remember the Duke Nukem 3D soundtrack - this was from the third level.

Enjoy my Orchestrations? You can find a ton of other video game orchestrations on my new Loudr page ( Also you can check out my new website which contains all my orchestrations and original music -

Find more of the Synthetic Orchestra on
Music video by While She Sleeps performing Death Toll. (C) 2013 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited
New song from While She Sleeps.

Divine Chaos-live in Gothoom Festival. Slovakia 22.07.2016

BAND: Divine Chaos
DRUMMER: James Stewart
TRACK: Death Toll Rising

PHOTO: www.kotylak....
“Stand back” firefighters shouted, as they searched for signs of life amid the rubble in Amatrice.

After some digging, legs are seen poking through the debris, then a girl is pulled out alive amid cheers from the rescue workers.

Ten-year-old Giulia rescued from the remains of a collapsed building 17 hours after the earthquake first struck.
Latest images show street riots in Kiev on the morning of Thursday, Februray 20. News media has filmed protesters being shot at in front of hotel Ukraina as clashes continue in the Ukrainian capital. The number of victims is still rising, news agencies say at least 25 people have been killed.

euronews: the most watched news channel in Europe

euronews is available in 14 languages:

In English:
Website: http://www.euronews.
read more at Around the release of Quentin Tarantino's last film Django Unchained, a prominent film journal invited me to make a video essay on the director. Pondering what angle to take, I asked myself what most immediately comes to mind when I think of Tarantino's movies. And I started to see bodies. A seemingly endless parade of people being shot, stabbed, blown up, dismembered. I wondered, just how many people have been
インドネシアの災害当局者は22日、21日に発生した同国西部スマトラ(Sumatra)島のシナブン山(Mount Sinabung)の大規模な噴火による死者が6人になったと発表した。3人が重体となっているほか、高温の火山灰にのみ込まれた人が他にもいる可能性があるという。

The number of people killed from a massive landslide at Ethiopia's largest rubbish dump this weekend has exceeded 60. The search and rescue operati...

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Broke For Free - Something Elated
Juanitos - Do The Kangaroo


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Death Toll Rises To 13 In Jalalabad Blast

شمار تلفات انفجار جلال آباد به ۱۳ تن رسید

Subscribe for exclusive Afghanistan Dari and Pashto news bulletin, breaking news, current affairs programs, documentaries, political commentary, debates and more!
برای تماشای سرویس های خبری دری و پشتو، گزارش های تازه، جریانات سیاسی روز، مستند ها، تحلیل های س
Sam Fletcher, Strannik, Marty Thompson, Tom Wahit и Nick Cave продолжают проходить Left 4 Dead. На этот раз эта часть будет необычной...

Сделано специально для

Подписывайтесь, ставьте лайки, буду признателен ^_^

Armed gunmen stormed an Army Public School in Peshawar on Tuesday, killing 104 people, 84 of those children. Security forces have engaged the assailants in a gunfire battle and cordoned off the school, in which around 500 children are being kept captive.

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Death Toll Rising has posted a new guitar playthrough video for their track "Crack Open A Cold One" off their latest album 'Infection Legacy'. "We are pleased to be releasing our first of two guitar videos today, something we have never done before. So crank it, then sit back and Crack Open a Cold One!" comments guitarist Drew Copland. In additional news, Death Toll Rising will be supporting the following Western Canadian tour dates with Katakylsm and Aborted during the "Kill The Elite Tour," which includes
The death toll from flooding and landslides triggered by heavy rain in northern India has risen to 70, media reports say.

At least 45 people have died in Uttarakhand state, while flood-related deaths have also been reported in Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Over 150 buildings in Uttarakhand have been damaged, and at least one building washed away.

Shilpa Kannan reports.

Ссылка на группу Экхарт Толле
Смотрим в HD!
Приятного просмотра!

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Left 4 Dead 2 - Chocolate Helicopter

С FuN Mishanya, вдвоём, мы прошли все компании на эксперте, кикнули ботов в консоле, но этот момент достоин особого внимания, посмотрите и поймёте почему :)

Высокое качество:
Другие видео от FuN Clan:

FuN DreeMax
сегодня у нас пробежка через дебри и кладбище Зомбитауна, а так же конченый даун в церкви.
Лайк и комментарий с подпиской приветствуются!
Ещё одно Solo.. Финальная глава Похоронного звона - Лодочная станция. Интерес этого видео в том, что финал был пройден на сложности "Expert"(никаких читов, никакой консоли(за исключением кика ботов в начале)) при этом я не получил никакого урона.. Спасибо за просмотр видео, оставляйте свои комменты, делитесь впечатлениями, замечаниями ну и своими видео :) Посетите также мой канал на You Tube "WEHRWOLFchannel" для ознакомления с другими моими не менее интересными работами..
Part of Death Toll 80k gig in Hospi 30, Goerlitz, Germany.

The songs are:
Abandoned (few seconds missing from the start)
Untitled (unreleased song)
Running through the blood (cover from Fear of god)

Line-up on this gig:
Vocals: Oula
Guitar: Tomi
Bass: Ville
Drums: Kaheli-Make (session drummer)

Thanks to Lenin for filming this and to people from Goerlitz who organised this show!
In honor of the second Kuroshitsuji musical, I made this montage type video. The musical itself is a lot darker than the last one, so I thought it deserved a darker song

Anime- Kuroshitsuji Musical 2- The Most Beautiful DEATH in the World (A Thousand Souls and a Fallen Grim Reaper) [Sen no tamashī to ochi ta shinigami ]

Song- Carol of the Bells by August Burns Red

Software- Sony Vegas Platinum 9.0

I loved this musical, it was amazing. I do miss Shougo Sakamoto as Ciel . And OF COURSE Matsushita Yuya is AMAZING as Sebastian.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Early Christmas


Sam Fletcher, Vyacheslav Ivankov, Strannik and Say Good Bay^^ Продолжают крушить зомби в Left 4 Dead.
Это последняя миссия компании "Похоронный звон".
Далее будет компания Death Air (Смерть в воздухе).

Сделано специально для

Sam Fletcher и Vyacheslav Ivankov продолжают рубить зомби на части.
В этот раз мы проходим следующую компанию по сюжету. "Похоронный звон".
Миссия №1 из 5.

Сделано специально для

Подписывйтесь, ставьте большие пальцы вверх ;)

подпишись:) Лагает игра ,а не видос
At least 59 people have been killed and 118 more injured after at least five gunmen reportedly stormed a police training centre and opened fire in the capital of the Balochistan province Quetta, on Monday.
Моё видеопрохождение компании Death Toll на эксперте с ботами.
The new full length album " Harsh Realities" by Finnish harsh grindcore heads DEATH TOLL 80K will be unleashed summer 2011 !! WWW.FDA-REKOTZ.COM

Дико неистовая тема и никак иначе.

Другое интересное смотрим здесь:
Time freezing reason: In order the rescue arrivel is differant every time we decided just like PCI Gaming to stop the timer when we start the final...