Death / Hitchcock: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: You'll Be the Death of Me (s2e4) (1963), Alfred Hitchcock Documentary Nazi Death Camp Liberation Part I,

Death / Hitchcock

Date: 18 Oct. 1963
Director: Robert Douglas
Writers: Anthony Gilbert (short story), William D. Gordon (teleplay)
Stars: Alfred Hitchcock, Robert Loggia, Pilar Seurat

A woman becomes the target of her murderous spouse after she finds a button from one of his victims.
Alfred Hitchcock narrates this gripping video of the liberation of a Nazi Death Camp. The citizens of the neighboring areas as well as the German Military had to openly face the product of their atrocities.
"Whereas, in a picture like "Rear Window", you have a man sitting at a window looking: the first piece of film a close-up, the second piece of film...
Date: 24 May 1963
Director: Joseph M. Newman (as Joseph Newman)
Writers: Leigh Brackett (teleplay), Douglas Warner (novel)
Stars: Alfred Hitchcock, Victor Jory, Peter Brown

A remorseful detective vows to find the men who killed his son, who was also a cop.
Date: 24 Jan. 1964
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writers: Miriam Allen DeFord (short story), William D. Gordon (teleplay)
Stars: Alfred Hitchcock, Mildred Dunnock, Diana Hyland

An heiress finally finds a young man who loves her for herself instead of her money. After he dies in a Bolivian mine explosion, she tries to regain contact with him through an Indian mystic.
Date: 8 Mar. 1965
Director: Harvey Hart
Writers: James Bridges (teleplay), Helen Nielsen (story)
Stars: Alfred Hitchcock, Vera Miles, John Carradine

When an auto mechanic named Leo Manfred fixes a limousine owned by Gavin Revere, a famed but over-the-hill Hollywood director, he is invited to join the family for a couple of days. It is here that Leo meets Nicky, Gavin's beautiful daughter and the two youths fall in love. But when Gavin learns about their marriage plans, he fears Leo wanting only her money, and nothing more. To convince the director of his true intentions, Leo takes out a life-insurance policy for fifty thousand dollars, with the payoff going to Nicky. Gavin agrees and the marriage plans continue. Shortly before the wedding, however, Leo makes the fatal mistake of insulting one of Gavin's movies, entitled "Death Scene," and the old man changes his mind about the wedding. Not willing to give up Nicky over a quarrel, Leo takes the old man to a cliff, intending to push him off.
Date: 12 Apr. 1963
Director: John Brahm
Writers: James Bridges (teleplay), Edith Pargeter (novel)
Stars: Alfred Hitchcock, Gilbert Roland, Laraine Day

The secretary of a wine baron murders when her dream of marrying him is shattered.
Billy Hitchcock Death Scene - Decapitated by a shrapnel
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Death scenes from 36 of Alfred Hitchcock's movies, synchronised to climax in unison.