Deae Lunae: Makkon - Deae Lunae (Thorinair Remix), PMV - Deae Lunae смотреть онлайн

Deae Lunae

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Equestrian Beats:
Goddess of the Moon, Princess of the Night

Remake of Luna Deos:

Finally done. 30 midi channels, about 6 gigs of sound all playing at once. Mastering nearly killed me.

LA Scoring Strings
Drums of War 2
Tonehammer Circle Bells
Evolve Mutations 2

Album Art:
Can you see it?

Special thanks to Makkon for composing epic music! Seriously, go subscribe to him if you haven't already. (Sorry for ruining your masterpiece)

Well, before I start my usual whining, let me just leave a little background information from my perspective:
I'm pretty sure Luna does not appear for the rest of season 1 because of her recalling and regretting her time as Nightmare Moon. It probably took a while to for her to convince herself that she is no longer Nightmare Moon despite her dark emotions conjuring the Mare In The Moon herself. As you already know, she came down during Nightmare Night to signify that she is back and to change it to a celebration instead of a time to fear over Nightmare Moon. That showed that from that point on, she has finally recovered and is ready to communicate with Equestria after a period of isolation.