Deadmau5 - Professional Griefers: Deadmau5 feat. Gerard Way - Professional Griefers (Official Video), deadmau5 ft. Gerard Way - Professional Griefers (Official

Deadmau5 - Professional Griefers

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The official music video for "Professional Griefers" deadmau5 feat. Gerard Way
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Video Directors: Paul Boyd & Jeff Ranasinghe
Video Producer: Mary Ann Tanedo
Production Company: Weapons of mass entertainment productions
Visual EFX: Method Studios
Дебютное выступление в Lollapalooza 2011, компания POSSIBLE представляет новые эффекты для трека Professional Griefers (Expert Griefers?).

Sorry for the beginning. Not bothering to edit it out.
Deadmau5 samples Daft Punk's 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger' for 'Professional Griefers' at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, October 22, 2011.

deadmau5 - Professional Griefers at Aragon Ballroom Chicago
Skrillex performs live at New York City's Terminal 5 on February 4th, 2012. The Grammy-nominated artist covers Avicii's "Levels" and Deadmau5's "Professional Griefers". Visit for all things EDM.

Roseland Ballroom. October 6, 2011.
This show was dope - one of the best I've been to.


1. Where My Keys?
2. Bad Selection
3. Maths
4. The Reward Is More Cheese
5. To Play Us Out
6. Some Chords (Tiny Dancer)
7. Complications
8. Cthulhu Sleeps
9. Arguru
10. Asdfghjkl
11. HR 8938 Cephei
12. Jaded
13. Slip
14. Aural Psynapse (2nd Edit)
15. Raise Your Weapon (Noisia Remix)
16. Sofi Needs a Ladder
17. One Trick Pony
18. FML/I Remember
19. Professional Griefers
20. Moar Ghosts 'n' Stuff (Feat. Rob Swire)
21. Limit Break
22. Animal Rights
23. Get In The Cart Pig
24. Strobe

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