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Deadmau5 & Chris James
Какая счастливая жизнь
С машинами,
Разбросанными по комнате...
Посмотрите, что они сделали.
Они сделали это для меня...
Счастливые технологии! А снаружи
Рыскают львы, питаясь останками.
Мы никогда не покинем это место.
Посмотрите на нас, мы так влюблены
В путь, который мы выбрали.

Здесь! Мир, который создали дети...
Мир, который создали дети, здесь!
Мир, который создали дети, здесь!
Мир, который создали дети.
Каждую ночь этот мир уходит на покой: цифровая фантазия!
Это явь? Или это сон?
Вы верите в машины?..
Снаружи нещадное солнце. Вы слышите крики?
Мы никогда не покинем это место. Посмотрите на нас!
Мы так влюблены в путь, который мы выбрали.

Вельд – травянисто-кустарниковая саванна в Южной Африке.
Песня основана на одноимённом рассказе американского фантаста Рэя Брэдбери

Ultra Music

Director - Manroop Takhar
Producer - Warren Green
Coordinator - Hernán Weisz
Art Director - Matias Perez
Head of Animation- Santiago Trillini
Composition - Pablo Penchansky & Rodrigo Reinoso
3D Department - Alexis Fioretti & Agustín Giannitti
Production Studio: Qudos Animations.
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[L4M] Deadmau5 & Chris James - The Veldt @Breaks!
Mixed By: Luke Selfhood
On YouTube !

......The World That The Children Made

More Info:­w
Not yet released but here is the full HQ Version!
Deadmau5 ft. Chris James - The Veldt ( Original Mix ) HQ Final Version
Deadmau5 - The Veldt. hq/hd/1080p/high quality.

Still unreleased, but this is the final version. You all probably know the track now ;) Amazing vocals added like a month ago. Love the track, would like an instrumental aswell ;)

I do not claim copyright on this track.
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allright, heres another rush job of "putting something on the youtubes" coz this version of it was aired on the radios. :D anyway.... this is just a radio edit nonetheless... we'll release the original mix soon!

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Here the offical Video to "The Veld" from Deadmau5 feat. Chris James.

Happy Life, With the Machines; Scattered around the room.
Look what they Made; they made it for me..Happy Technology!
Outside, the Lions roam, feeding on remains...
We'll never leave, look at us now, so In love with the Way, we are..
Here! the world that the children made...
The world that the children made.

Every night, they rock us to sleep, Digital Family!
Is it real? Or is it a dream? Can you believe the machine....

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deadmau5 ft. Chris James - The Veldt (Radio Edit) from Ultra Music.

Ultra Music
(っ◕‿◕)っ [03:44] (◡‿◡✿)

The Veldt EP is out now at iTunes:
Story summary:
Story long:

Cartoon movie:
Video Production House: Qudos Animations
Video Producer: Warren Green
Video Director: Manroop Takhar
Like I promised, the full instrumental mix of The Veldt using lossless rips of the original mix and instrumental mix. You'll enjoy the tribals drums throughout your listen of this instrumental version, twice. I wanted to put the drums back like they were when I first heard the track on his live stream...meow, meow meow meow! (yes, that too) The mix isn't perfect but it sounds decent to my ears, and I hope that it will sound good on your end too, despite the YouTube compression. Enjoy, horde! :D

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● Artist : Deadmau5,Chris James
● Title : The Veldt
● Genre : Progressive House
● Label : mau5trap
● Quality : HD
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Deadmau5 ft. Chris James - The Veldt [OFFICIAL] [RADIO EDIT]

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deadmau5 - The Veldt (featuring Chris James) (8 Minute Edit) (Cover Art) from Ultra Music

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Disclaimer: I own none of the material in this video. All credit to Joel Zimmerman.

The original 12 minute version of The Veldt, complete with the long awaited "tribal drum" intro. This is the first YouTube upload of this track, enjoy!

This track is from the Veldt EP, a four-track compilation by deadmau5. The EP released on the 24th of June 2012, but debuted early on The Rolling Stones website:
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Video Production House: Qudos Animations
Video Producer: Warren Green
Video Director: Manroop Takhar

Here is the FULL recording of The Veldt, non-LP-distorted. Recorded live from Joel's studio in his home on the 18th March 2012. Some watermarking is in this as Joel chats to his manager.

Please support him buy purchasing this breathtaking track once he releases it instead of pirating it - he genuinely deserves being supported!

Promotional purposes only - no copyright law violations intended.

With the vocals of Chris James. [7 minute version]
Deadmau5 feat. Chris James - The Veldt (MDrive remix) →
Electronic music phenomenon deadmau5 performed live in front of 200 fans at a secret show at Sonos Studio in a session recorded for Morning Becomes... DEADMAU5 Ft. CHRIS JAMES "The Veldt'.

Lyric video for The Veldt by deadmau5 feat. Chris James. Download is...
To read the story, "The Veldt"- Ray Bradbury, here:

Third lyric video, fourth video. I learned a lot, and learned that I could import one of my custom fonts. The font I used in this video was strictly abeatbykai, the f
Deadmau5 ft.Chris James - The Veldt (Armosh Re-Mode)<br/><br/>
"The Veldt EP" релиз состоится 24 июня на iTunes

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"The Veldt EP" релиз состоится 24 июня на iTunes

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deadmau5 feat. Chris James - The Veldt from Ultra Music

Ultra Music is an American independent electronic music record label based in New York City. Ultra's current roster includes deadmau5, Benny Benassi, Kaskade, Wolfgang Gartner, The Bloody Beetroots, Steve Aoki, Lil Jon, Armin van Buuren, Above Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Alex Gaudino, Congorock, Adrian Lux, Fedde Le Grand, Axwell, TOKiMonsta, Alexandra Stan and others. Ultra has featured releases from the aforementioned artists and many others including Tiësto, Avicii, Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, The Crystal Method, Sasha John Digweed, and others.
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meowingtons used to be fat in 2012. he still is, but he used to too.
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Reupload because the video was turned private.

Wow comments people, it's almost like opinions exist.
My interpretation of the song, "The Veldt" by deadmau5 (radio edit).

Enjoy! Please repost & share! This film is based solely on what I felt when I listened to the song. Not at all related to the official animation or short story, but we went ahead and filmed it anyway in hopes that fans will still appreciate it!

See more video work at:
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Мастерство рук, музыкальный слух, внимательность и нечего больше)
180 место в "ТОП МИРА"....
Deadmau5 arranges to make a track with Chris James after he sends some vocals to him through Twitter.

Deadmau5 is working on this new track "The Veldt" for his album, @ChrisJOfficial (one of his fans) sends him a tweet to check out vocals that he had made for the song Deadmau5 is working on. Deadmau5 loved it and is now arranging to do this collaboration of a track with him!!!