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Deadly Impact

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Жизнь полицейского Томаса Армстронга разбилась вдребезги, когда он превратился в беспомощную мишень для хитроумного убийцы. Теперь преступник вновь вернулся и терроризирует город, играя с полицейскими в «кошки-мышки». Пытаясь обогнать время, Армстронг должен оказаться на шаг впереди и спасти жизни невиновных.
El oficial Thomas Armstrong se ha convertido en el blanco indefenso de un asesino intelectual. Ahora el asesino ha vuelto a aterrorizar a la ciudad con un explosivo juego del gato y el ratón. En una carrera contra el tiempo, Armstrong debe estar un paso adelante para capturarlo y salvar vidas inocentes.
Страна: США
Жанр: боевик, триллер
Год выпуска: 2009
Продолжительность: 01:32:26
Перевод: Профессиональный (многоголосый закадровый)

Режиссер: Роберт Куртцман / Robert Kurtzman

В ролях: Шон Патрик Флэнери, Джо Пантольяно, Аманда Уайсс, Стивен Хартли, Кармен Серано, Грег Серано, Джон Кояма, Дэвид Хаус, Джоэль Брайант, Кристофер Демпси
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Полицейский с нечистым прошлым возвращается домой, чтобы помочь ФБР разыскать убийцу главаря подполья.
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Dismantled perform two tracks off their 2011 album The War Inside Me at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco.

Ölümcül Darbe - Deadly Impact Filmi Full HD İzle
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they stand for


Dead Can Dance is the debut album recorded by Dead Can Dance in 1984. This album differs greatly from later Dead Can Dance releases, particularly in terms of ethnic fusion. This album has been at times described as gothic rock, post-punk or ethereal wave. The musicians who performed on this album, as well as the EP, were Brendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard, James Pinker, Peter Ulrich and Scott Rodger.
feat. Nero Bellum (Live DNA Lounge August 2011)
Every year, thousands of objects both natural and manmade plummet through our atmosphere and crash into the Earth. These menacing messengers from the sky provide scientists with amazing insights into the natural, and not so natural, phenomena.

The Universe is full of explosions that both create and destroy. The Chicxulub impact on the Yucatan peninsula, which may have wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, was two million times more powerful than the largest nuclear bomb ever detonated.
Walking Dead actress Sarah Wayne Callies talks about her role with International Rescue Committee.

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Over 150,000 people have died in the Syrian civil war. Millions of refugees are forced to flee to Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. Sarah Wayne Callies works with the International Rescue Committee to assist the refugee population get to know each other and find support.

Those who suffer the most are refugee children. The IRC has the opportunity to help build
◄๏̯͡๏►Не хватает денег на рок концерт???Смотри здесь - ►►►◄◄◄
фильм -

нехре НОВОЕ кино -
A movie scene that illustrates an Asteroid impact in a major city.
Monday Monday! For our first low impact of the new year we are going full MMA fighter for a full 60 minutes! We’ll be doing 2 upper body, 2 kicks, 2 core, 2 legs and 2 combat rounds! Get ready for a killer 60 sweaty minutes without a single jump!

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This is the video i made for the One Show Challenge, i choose TNA Impact Wrestling 05.09.2011. Hope you like it, hope you like the song, everything. Hopefully the One Show Challenge will be a though competition, against though competetitors.


And this were the requirements for the One Show Challenge:

- The video can't be longer than 2:30 minutes, and can't be shorter than 1 minute.

- You are going to use only ONE WWE/TNA SHOW, you can edit everything that is aired on the show you selected, you can't use PPVs.

- If you want to be in, you'll need to write the date of the show, you'll have to do this when you upload the video in youtube too.

- It's going to be a freestyle, NO RECAPS.

- The day before JULY 10th is the LIMIT day.

- We'll have the votes right here in the forum on July 10th.

#5 - Superfavoritos (hoy) - Cine y animación - México
#41 - Superfavoritos (esta semana) - Cine y
Walkthrough for Chapter 1 on MORPHINE difficulty, It's PC version.


- Мужчина попал в автомобильную аварию, впав в кому за рулём автомобиля;
- Женщина с психическими отклонениями имитирует потерю сознания;
- Доставлена девочка 6-лет - спорадический припадок.
A police officer with a painful past returns home to help the FBI track down a mastermind assassin.
A short film made for this track - despite the incorrect opening title!

DJ Big Noize - Dead Silence [Hard Impact Records - HI-005]
Distribuited by: Unistory Music

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Мой первый мувик CSS. Хоть и короткий<br/><br/>
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NASA Alert Killer Asteroid 2012 da14 Possible Impact on Earth, the Deadly Asteroid is definitely headed towards Earth. 2012 da14 asteroid will come so close to Earth, If it were to strike the Earth, it is estimated that it would produce the equivalent of 2.4 megatons of TNT. NASA scientists have yet to determine with 100% certainty it won't collide with Earth.
2012 DA14 is a near earth asteroid with an estimated diameter of about 45 meters and an estimated mass of about 130,000 metric tons. It was discov
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شما میتوانید در این ویدیو شدت خسارات انفجار امروز کابل را مشاهده کنید
The Full Impact of Kabul’s Deadly Bomb Blast Exposed
Happened 5 Feb 2014. 24 old Lada's driver lost control and collided with the truck. All four men from Lada are dead. RIP.
Impact Fest 2013 Slayer- Dead Skin Mask 04.06.2013r Lotnisko Bemowo- Warszawa

Un gravissimo incidente occorso durante le prove libere del Gp Catalunya di Moto2. Luis Salom, pilota spagnolo, è stato vittima di una brutta caduta. Alla curva 12 il pilota ha perso il controllo della moto finendo contro le protezioni. Subito ci si è resi conto delle gravissime condizioni del ragazzo, immobile al suolo, prelevato da un’ambulanza e trasportato d’urgenza in ospedale.
La sessione di prove libere è stata sospesa, e da pochi minuti è giunta la notizia tristissima, della morte del pil
Информация о фильме
Название: Астероиды: Смертельный удар
Оригинальное название: Asteroids: Deadly Impact
Год выхода: 1997
Жанр: документальный
Режиссер: Эйтан Уейнрейк /Eitan Weinreich/

galapoudos, Dead Can Dance - The Fatal Impact,

Жизнь полицейского Томаса Армстронга разбилась вдребезги, когда он превратился в беспомощную мишень для хитроумного убийцы. Теперь преступник вновь вернулся и терроризирует город, играя с полицейскими в «кошки-мышки». Пытаясь обогнать время, Армстронг должен оказаться на шаг впереди и спасти жизни невиновных.
год 2010
страна США
режиссер Роберт Куртцман
сценарий Александр Веша
продюсер Дэвид С. Грейтхаус
В главных ролях:
Шон Патрик Флэнери
Джо Пантольяно
Кармен Серано
Грег Серано
I beat it in my livetsream ! My recording program just didnt work!

Gameplay by Mazl :D
His channel:

Here it is...
The FunnyGame collab
I put so much effort in it and now is is finally here ;3;!

I hope you guys will like this Toxin Lab II remake and a big THX to FunnyGame for collabing with you Enjoy the level ;3;

My parts: 00:12 - 00:23
00:35 - 00:40
00:47 - 00:54