David Gonzalez Possessed to Skate: David Gonzalez: Possessed to Skate, David Gonzalez - Possessed to Skate (Trasher Magazine), David Gonzalez: Possessed to

David Gonzalez Possessed to Skate

S.O.T.Y. thrasher magazine 2012
i dont own any of this gnarly skate footage. Respect to thrasher mag, david gonzalez, and all skaters out there killing it
Not that technical but it's the most gnarliest video of this era!<br><br>Visual content administered by:<br>ThrasherMagazine<br><br>&quot;Judas Priest-The Sentinel&quot;, sound recording administered by:<br>SME
David Gonzales locura. brutal . demasiado .....

probably the most gnarly video part of all time

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This week, Flip, Volcom and Globe's David Gonzalez Louie Lopez dropped by to talk about David's new Thrasher video part, Possessed to Skate, Extremely Sorry, Drinking Pee, Luan Oliveira, Puberty, injuries, David witnessing death in the womb, Christian Hosoi, long hair, dropping out, shady five year contracts, narcolepsy, Street League, getting naked and more!

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David has pure natural talent and he's one of the biggest risk-takers in all of skating. The rumors surrounding his part are insane. Even we can't believe some of what we've heard. It's all revealed this Saturday (September 22nd) at 9pm.
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