Dashie's Dreams: Doofcake - Dashy's Dream смотреть онлайн

Dashie's Dreams

Original + Pics http://www.mediafire.com/?5iwjp3c2d7i3ia7
Instrumental + Pics http://www.mediafire.com/?928nj9ni0sv3v66

You're reaching your dreams now

BTW If you want to use this track in any way, I just ask you send me a link ;D

Twilight Sparkle tried a new spell on Rainbow Dash that put her in slow-time. Rainbow Dash sees the world in slow-motion and is stunned by it's beauty, until she realizes she can't get back into normal time and panics. When she calms down, she starts trying to fight the spell, but there's nothing she can really do, so she gives up and stays in the slow world.
Thankfully it was all just a dream.

This is also my entry to Toast Beard ZIQ48.

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