Dark Side of the Room: Dark side of the room: a Curator’s Corner British Science Week special, Clouty- Apollogies (from "The Dark Side of the Room), extrawelt

Dark Side of the Room

Have you ever wondered why the Museum’s galleries are sometimes so dark? Preventive Conservator Capucine Korenburg enlightens us as to how extreme light exposure can damage objects.

Curator’s Corner is the British Museum’s first YouTube series, and was selected from a number of potential series proposed by the Museum in December 2015: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0LQM0SAx601_99m2E2NPsm62pKoSCnV5

New episodes of Curator's Corner come out every other Wednesday.
"Darks Side Of The Room" it's a minimal and progressive composition, a little dark but uplifting, with funky little details and many textures we recorded, like glass and breath sounds...

The video is an original animation, created on Adobe After Effects with Form, and Particles by Trapcode.

Dark Side Of the Room is coming out on Inlab Recordings with 2 original tracks and 2 wonderful remixes by Olaf Stuut and Teho. Release date is not set, but should come out on September under Inlab Recordin