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My coop with my friend Dark
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(This video might be a little disturbing, blame it on Jeff Davis for turning a teen series into a bloody freak show.)

Hey guys, yes I'm alive! Just in case you've been wondering haha. It's been little more than a week with no uploads on my channel and while I know it's not a long time, it's still unusual for me LOL So the thing is: school started here :( I miss vacations already, I basically spend an entire month going to bed at like 3/5 am and now I have to be already sleeping at 11 pm tops, can you see w
Информация о группе E-Rotic -> http://catcut.net/Pt31
-=Музыка лихих 70-80-90х годов=-
Тиара — зеленоглазая волшебница, недавно получившая силу, а в придачу и своё первое задание: вернуть в Мир Хранителей источник магического духа, но этим духом оказывается близкий ей человек.
Here's a new single of Lacuna Coil Dark Adrenaline album, Losing My Religion R.E.M cover.

Download this track from:
Bandcamp - https://alexroe.bandcamp.com/track/dark-souls-iii-e-s-cinder-orchestra

Original Version - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_n0CKyXa5k

When I released the original version of this I saw some people comment about hearing it without the drums and guitar/bass. When I listened to it that way I thought it was interesting enough to release and let you guys hear it like this. It feels different and I think some of you will prefer this version so I decided to release it.

Download this track from:
Bandcamp - https://alexroe.bandcamp.com/track/dark-souls-iii-e-s-cinder
Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/roetaka/dark-souls-iii-es-cinder

Were back! I've had a nice break from thinking about Dark Souls and something recently just put me right back in the mood. I've got another Dark Souls 3 remix in the works with a fellow composer that I think is gonna be great and I hope it'll be done before the DLC comes out. It's weird that I've had no intention to remix Soul of Cinder but t
Faderhead - Known your darkness @ E-tropolis 2017
Hyori Lee Dark Angel Live. I'm so in love with that I practiced the dance daily :) Peace and Enjoy. Subscribed and Rate.

[HD please]

Thank you so much for the 500+ subs! I never ever expected to get here when I first started. I love you all so much & just want to thank you for the support you've given me throughout my time on youtube.

Soooo I'm back from New Zealand! I had started working on a Dark!Charles AU before I left but I've decided that I don't really like it & so I made another one. Typical me. I might go back to that other one sometime though, because I really like the music.


Details at the end of the video.

This is the one and only video I will do like this because, truth be told, I suck at this type of videos - BIG TIME - and my computer hates all these pretty HD clips that I really enjoy. The episode was mind-blowing, the acting between Steroline was great but I am so torn between Bonkai and Bamon that is actually hurts.
I wanted some sort of dark steroline and we got it, I cannot wait.
Ian did a great job o

Preparate il vostro spirito ad un nuovo viaggio all'apice del mondo Hardcore e Hardstyle.
Siate pronti per una nuova esperienza con E-Mission, il più importante festival della scena Italiana, che per un giorno, anche quest'anno, diventerà il centro della scena planetaria.
Vi condurremo attraverso un'avventura musicale immensa, dalla luce fin dentro l'oscurità, dal chiaro del giorno fino al buio della notte: E-Mission - Fade to Darkness.

INFOLINE : 392.0505484 /
From Hoo-Bangin Bastardz' own Boobie Soprano aka YG Dollaz' mixtape, "Smokin Mirrors III". Directed by Tha Razor for Film Junki. Available for free download @ http://www.datpiff.com/Boobie-Soprano-Smokin-Mirrors-3-Birth-To-The-Real-Dead-2-The-Fa-mixtape.560109.html Further information @ http://www.filmjunki.com/ or http://www.daboobietrap.com/ or http://www.we-on.com/ or http://www.hoobangin.net/

★YOURHIPHOPBEATSTV: Got lyrics? Need beats?
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From "America Is Dying Slowly" compilation.

Download: http://getto.nolife.me/v-america-dying-slowly-1996/

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One Piece
5 Centimeters Per second
Death parade
Boku dake ga inai machi
Dragon ball
Sakurako-san no ashimoto ni wa shitai ga umatteiru
Tokyo Ghoul
Musaigen no phantom world
Kyoukai no kanata
Tokyo Ghoul

Песня: Starset - Dark on Me
12-07-2014 - E-Mission - Fade to Darkness - Aftermovie [HD]

Tracklist: Amnesys - The troublemaker #TiH

Preparate il vostro spirito ad un nuovo viaggio all'apice del mondo Hardcore e Hardstyle.
Siate pronti per una nuova esperienza con E-Mission, il più importante festival della scena Italiana, che per un giorno, anche quest'anno, diventerà il centro della scena planetaria.
Vi condurremo attraverso un'avventura musicale immensa, dalla luce fi
http://vk.com/eol_band @ http://vk.com/freakangel_in_spb2013
Live @ ArktikA club, St.Petersburg, 15.12.2013
10.09.2011 клуб Каста (г.Москва)
HD + headphones are your best mate.

"...It's changing out there..."


May have to turn the volume up or down, it depends. :/

Dedicated to ErewinOfImladris, 'cause she was awesome enough to make me a little birthday present last month and listen to me bitch about the making process of the video. :P And she needed a little cheering up; hope you like it, love.

Holy shit I finally finished this!! :D I've had the damn project open for DAYS! I'm pro
► Lyrics In The Video

► Picture: http://i.imgur.com/j4eOIZA.png
► Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?rc01c6ind7pe4x5

► Song: Dark Horse / E.T. - Jonathan Young Rock Cover
► Anime: -

► Programs:
➤ Video - Sony Vegas
➤ Audio - Audacity

➤ Bauhaus 93
➤ Moonlight Shadow

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Hi minna-san!
Here's another Bungo Project 'cause I can't get enough LoL
The Dark Era was so awesome and I lov...

Мультипликация: Розалия Зельма
Ben Koller of Converge playing "Dark Horse" on an electronic drum kit triggering the Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drum Library from Room Sound.
Traxxas E Revo Brushless 6s

- Backflip in the dark
- Night driving
- Custom Led lighting
Anime- Bakemonogatari
Song- In The Dark, by The Birthday Massacre.
Enjoy :)

Видео созданое мною.
Show-Dance project [.E.I.W.] : http://vk.com/eaters_industrial_world
Dancer : D.S.T.,Cyrenia
Вторая версия клипа на песню "Тлен" // 15.10.2016
Dark-E vs Pat B vs Dr. Rude - Reverze Flashback 2017
#Reverze 2017 Interconnected
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One Piece
5 Centimeters Per second
Death parade
Boku dake ga inai machi
Dragon ball
Sakurako-san no ashimoto ni wa shitai ga umatteiru
Tokyo Ghoul
Musaigen no phantom world
Kyoukai no kanata

Песня: Starset - Dark on Me
Отборные видео музыкальных мероприятий.
Подпишись: https://vk.com/aftermovie
KARAS, Cowboy Bebop, Beyond the Clouds:The Promised Place, Blood+, Peace Maker Kurogane, 5cm per second, Tokko, Body Transfer, Gundam 00, Death Note, Claymore, H2O, Hayate no Gotoku, IRIA, Full Metal Panic, Hellsing OVA, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rozen Maiden, Weiss Kreuz Gluhen, SaiKano, Blood : the last vampire, Naruto, Ef - A Fairy Tale of The Two, Tenjou Tenge, Loveless, Black Blood Brothers, Hellsing, X(TV), Gunslinger Girl : Il Teatrino, Chrno Crusade, Black Lagoon, Trigun, GunGrave, Angel Sanctuary - аниме, использованные в клипе.
Нам дали 20 минут, 4 слова (Колбаса, Комары, Барабан, Андрей) и одну лиш гитару, что-бы мы с нуля сочинили песню. Через 20 минут, нам надо было это сыграть с первой попытки без всякой подготовки на всех инструментах вместе. Что вышло судите сами :)
Данное видео является моим отрывком M.E.P для onlyoneking_12 ))) А так же позже я загружу это видео полностью, с законным сюжетом!
моя группа в вк: http://vk.com/dominikafilms
Программа: Sony vegas pro 12.0 Adobe After Effects CS6
мультфильм: Альфа и Омега , Холодное Сердце, Викинги на драконах
музыка: Red – Take It All Away
Приятного просмотра и жду комментариев+голоса) Ваша Доминика^^
Опубликовано - [club19113604|watch.dogs]
"Jaded feat. Michelle Darkness" aus dem Album N.E.S. von Never Ending Story

Join the N.E.S.experience:

Produziert in den DARKLAND STUDIOS [2015]
Recording, Mix & Mastering by Michael Huber
Geschrieben von: Never Ending Story & Michael Huber
Artwork: Arne Grashoff
[ www.facebook.com/UndankbareArt ]

N.E.S. sind:
Chris Cuthbertson, Marco Rozehnal, Marius Wild, Peter Rost, Stefan Heidle

All rights reserved!
Автор - ralifen
Музыкальная композиция: Missing - Evanescence
YES! FINALLY!!! i made my first billdip video! i'm so happy! i've wanted to do this fora very long time and i'm glad i finally got it done!
and i will make more if a lot of people ask for them, i may even take song requests, but i make no promises.
please comment below as long as you are not bashing the pairing.

The song is a cover by: Jonathan Young & Grace Bray
The show, song, singers,pictures, and characters are not mine so dont sue me! i have no money anyway.
italo4ever --- возвращение из тьмы (DJ Иконников excversion) synthdance
italo4ever --- powrót z ciemności (dj ikonnikov excversion) synthdance
italo4ever --- vissza a sötétségből (dj Ikonnikov excversion) synthdance
A Doctor Who & Jessica Jones crossover.
Warning!! Violent scenes, slash and really, really bad Doctor.
Made for fun, I don't own anything.

Song: Thousand Foot Krutch - E for Extinction
Heather has the honor of being the first artist to tattoo scream queen Elvira, Mistress of the Dark in this scene from "Friday the Thirteenth."

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Friday the Thirteenth

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И тут я удивился, что звук на ПК — минус.
Water Cult. High Level of Based
Как смотрятся цветные контактные контактные линзы ADORE на карих глазах. В это видео вы увидите коллекцию двутоновых линз ADORE Bi-Tone. 7 цветов очень нежных и мягких оттенков.
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/DarkDragonWing
WebSite: http://www.darkdragonwing.com/
See how it was made: http://youtu.be/QBgfObnZrbk
Dodge Charger clear body (we customized and painted it)
1/10 brushed Traxxas E-Revo WaterProof version (Evx-2 with dual titan motor)
Using 2 8.4v 3000mah Traxxas NiMH batteries

Please enjoy! And help us share the fun to all RC lovers out there. Thank you and please leave so
DARK SESSION CREW при поддержке MethLab Agency(UK)
Три долгожданных хедлайнера и возвращение темной стороны drum and bass в Петербург!

■ At first, watch 720p HD please! :)


Hi everybody... here another dark!stydia video!

I was thinking to fix it tomorrow, but equally i don't have time. I will go to the hospital & I'll not back in 2 days /maybe 3 :(

& i want dedicate (again & include) this to my best & inspiring vidders:
- Anne Soshi
- FloraMarieB
- MakeStronger3
- Natalie Sweet
- SparksOfDragon
Dark Filing II (часть 2) записан ровно год спустя после первого микса.
Самое любимейшие направление в электронной музыки Dark Progressiv
Приятного прослушивания!!!
História + Análise Completa + Informações Nerds Extras.

Link para mangá.


Link para Anime.


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R V I D X R K L V N 2 0 1 2

Prod. FrostTheWaveGod
A night full of hard and dark crushing music!


- Embrionyc (LIVE)
- Sound Abuse
- Warchetype
- Moleculez (LIVE)
- Sei2ure
- The Peoples Republic of Europe (LIVE)
- Raum 107 (LIVE)
- Carnage Cluster
- The Relic

More info soon regarding pre-sales, accommodation and directions!

Please keep the party spirit alive and think about the neighbours
This party will be 16+! We will control if we think you are younger!

"I'm lost, please help me find my place. You're the only one, please lead me out of the dark."

song: lead me out of the dark
artist: crown the empire
anime: tokyo ghoul / tokyo ghoul: re
program: ae & pr & photoshop
tumblr: http://uch1ha.tumblr.com
Episodio 490 de "A STATE OF TRANCE"

Unete A La Fanpage:

O game Batman: The Dark Night Rises é inspirado no filme homônimo do Cavaleiro das Trevas, que contará com as armas já conhecidas do homem-morcego como Bat-Gancho, Bat-Rangue e outros como também os veículos Batpod ( moto ) e Batwing ( nave popularmente conhecida como The Bat ) e muita ação num jogo com missões que vão desde resgatar reféns, passando por desarmamento de bombas, até perseguições de carros.
A Gameloft mais uma vez fez um exelente trabalho dando a impressão que a qualidade supera até "The A
Автор: NightPunisher
Аниме: KARAS, Cowboy Bebop, Beyond the Clouds:The Promised Place, Blood+, Peace Maker Kurogane, 5cm per second, Tokko, Body Transfer, Gundam 00, Death Note, Claymore, H2O, Hayate no Gotoku, IRIA, Full Metal Panic, Hellsing OVA, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rozen Maiden, Weiss Kreuz Gluhen, SaiKano, Blood : the last vampire, Naruto, Ef - A Fairy Tale of The Two, Tenjou Tenge, Loveless, Black Blood Brothers, Hellsing, X(TV), Gunslinger Girl : Il Teatrino, Chrno Crusade, Black Lagoon, Trigun, GunGrave, Angel Sanctuary
Музыка: E Nomine - Das Rad Des Schicksals, X-Ray Dog - Dark River
The Distimia - This is a mad world
video sequence: e.biouser
Diary Skyeward
Episodio 201 de "A STATE OF TRANCE"

Unete A La Fanpage:
Song: Heartbeats - Grum Venue: Roxanne Parlour, Melbourne

17-18 August 2012. Alba Iulia Fortress. Transylvania. Romania
Just Another Day http://planet-e.net/constructor/ Video by the29nov films
World Star Hip-Hop | WSHH
Hi to everybody!!
This fiction is so beautiful, I can't stop making videos!!
Hope you'll like it!!
Visit my channel for more videos!!
Thanks for watching!! ^-^
Artist: LSD
Year: 1995
Style: Old School West Coast Chicano G-Funk

"Brilliant music, tinged with a base essence of G-Funk without any semblance of trying to be smooth, just an aggressive, funky track." ---
Lyrasoo (fellow YouTuber)

Some more of that virtually unheard, rare, underground Southern California funk!
Nothing but smooth G-Funk sounds.
Kickback and enjoy.

This dates back to the Golden Age of Hip Hop,
most notably the Gangster-rap [G-Funk] scene from back
Show Jazz Cigano Quinteto convida Yamandu Costa no Teatro Paiol.
Curitiba - PR

Yamandu Costa - Violão
John Theo - Violino
Vinícius Araújo - Violão
Lucas Miranda - Violão
Fred Pedrosa - Baixo
Mateus Azevedo - Bateria

PA, gravação do áudio e mixagem - Jose Lauro Rimoli
Transformers: Dark of the Moon - N.E.S.T Base [HD]

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Artist : E-Mantra
Name : Howls from the Deep
Album :The hermit's Sanctuary / Altar Records
S.H.I.E.L.D. - Darkness Inside
I want to thank my friend https://twitter.com/mightypacman0 for the idea of this video.
Stand With Ward forever.
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Grant Ward
Marvel Agents of SHIELD:

Please watch in Full HD for the maximum quality, turn on CC for English subtitles.

If you want to watch the victory:
"The Beguiled" costars reveal how director Sofia Coppola helped them get comfortable working on their intense sex scene. Listen in.

Full Story: ht...
Dark. Descent., Ben Harder Show and N.E.O. presents: Into The Dark Lands (The Aftermovie)

09.02.2013, The Steeple, Waregem (BE).
In this movie an overview of the preparation of the party, interviews and footage of the dj and livesets.

Raum 107
Sound Abuse
Razor Edge
The Relic
The Peoples Republic Of Europe
Carnage Cluster


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/multiplayer-vol.-1/id995108030
Diário de produção (bastidores): http://youtu.be/9VPLH73-uAw
( ↓ Mais info abaixo )

Confira também nossos outros projetos:



Dark Hunter

Links and related info below / Links e info relacionada abai
Теппінг двома руками на інтро Fear Of The Dark

Instagram: https://instagram.com/everyday_play_channel
А что это такое, мелкое и незаметное, несётся по оврагу, едва приминая траву. Чей компактный силуэт враг едва успевает заметить, прежде чем в него вопьются несколько бронебойных снарядов с завершающим аккордом в виде тарана в корпус? Кто взял привычку пикировать вниз обрыва, подобно суицидальным героям-пилотам, на башню оппонентам? Это всё она, E 25 родимая, бич неповоротливых и кошмар медленных. Ну что, напугали мы вас? Нет? Ну ладно, в следующий раз надо будет музыку из хоррора взять…
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On the 22nd of February, Bass Events organised the 9th edition of Reverze in the Sportspalace, Antwerp (BE). It was a Sold Out and spectacular edition.

This is the complete video set of Dark-E - Reverze Flashback

REVERZE "Guardians of Time"
Saturday the 22nd of February 2014
Sportspalace & Lotto Arena, Antwerp (Belgium)


Headhunterz / Coone / Frontliner / Zatox / Mark
video nao é meu mas adorei e postei.. kkkkkkkk
Music : Emanuel Carpus (E-Mantra ) / Constanta / Romania
Video : S.V.V. 82
Genre : Dark ...
›› This is the darkness. This is my domain. ‹‹


■ Thanks to another deadline extension I made it; this is my entry for the 2nd ...

Өзгенің бақытысың
Свіжий хіт від RHCP сольно на басу

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Автор: Melx

Теги: #dark_s1de, #trap, #melx, #wanttodie, #taimadougakuen35shikenshoutai, #anime, #shame.
Игра между Leenock vs Dark на 2017 GSL Season 1.

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Великолепно синхронизированный видеоряд, драматические кадры выдающегося сериала под "Черное солнце"
009 - Dark Doom Funeral Metal (E Minor)
Потому что утро - это боль ... )))
Дата релиза мода: 4 августа, 2007 г.
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Моё первое интро)))
The Real Truth about Santa, the Devil and the Roman Festival of Saturnalia.

Featuring some voice clips from: Doc Marquis - Occult holidays.
Dark voice of angelique.Official vids and live perfomances. Subscribe our channel! http://www.youtube.com/MsOKeller

Проект Dark_voice_of_Angelique.
Существует как живая группа - Darkpop Band Angelique и как студийный проект Ильи BELLoidа - Dark_voice_of_Angelique. Илья — основной автор музыки, текстов. Певец и аранжировщик.

Стилистика — Breakbeat, Drum'n'bass, EBM, Powernoise, Ambient, Experimental.

Анжелика — это молодая девушка, которая живёт в городе с заострёнными крышами и узки
Bitrate: 320kbps
Released: 3 February 2016

Full: http://vk.cc/4JKXq2
DL: http://vk.cc/4KKSSp
Stream: http://vk.cc/4JKL3H

#suicideboys #darksideoftheclouds #g59
download video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5XMnNRBLGfgcEp0SUM5OWJLcnM
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Выступление в Российско-немецком доме на одной из самых крутых вечеринок НСК танцевальной школы Сальсатека, посвящённой её 8и летию!!
Предыстория, чтобы была понятна суть постановки: "Недавно взяв велосипед в прокате, у меня не сработали тормоза и если бы меня не дернули в сторону, то меня бы сбили.. После чего я задумалась, а чтобы было.. И тогда я поняла, что для танцора, танец всегда остается в нашем сердце. Чтобы не случилось, мы всегда будем танцевать внутри себя! "Танцующая в темноте" - Сергею Спрогису огромное спасибо за это, что смог заинтересовать меня на столько, что я решила развиваться в этой сфере и не останавливаюсь на достигнутом и по сей день!"
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Dancer : D.S.T.
You are watching a short video message from the band HIM to Burning Darkness (HIM Street Team Germany).
Burning Darkness did promotion including self-designed banners (malachim Tears On Tape symbols being the center) all over Germany (and also in Luxembourg) during the weeks before HIM's europe-tour 2013.

HIM were given a photoalbum as present before the concert at E-Werk, Cologne (October 18th 2013).

This message is to all participants who were involved in the banner promotion by Burning D

Here is for all you stoners out there. Now go play some hauting sounds on your guitar over this backing track, and remember to subscribe for more backing tracks and guitar related videos.
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A LEGO MOC of The Dark Tower from Stephen King novel.

This tower is my imagining and interpretation of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" from the book series of the same name. The Gunslinger, Roland, approaches the tower surrounded by fields of roses as far as the eye can see. I wanted the unnatural uniform nature of the roses to contrast with the organic growth of the Tower in this landscape.
Alina Devercerski - De e dark nu (Live @ Musikhjälpen 2014)
Hey My Pebbles! Don't Worry! I haven't Posted A Video Because I Was too Busy Working On this Video! Sadly, It's Gonna Get Harder to Make Videos But I'll Try Make More Of These Music Videos Which You Guys Are Growing A Big Interest In! This Music Video Isn't Really Based On A Love Relationship Between Toy Chica & Springtrap. More Like A Kind Of Springtrap Wanting To Have Toy Chica For Himself. I Don't Know, Use Your Imagination And Tell Me What You Think!

Music: Dark Horse // ET (Switching Vocals)
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Si fanno strani incontri sulla strada dei sacrifici....

E niente, mi andava di condividere con voi il mio entusiasmo per l'uscita del tanto atteso Dark Souls 3.
Измененные звуки и текстуры оружий из оригинала игры.
Мы продолжаем ходить по билдам сталкера- и вот билд 1835! Он был выпущен 10 февраля 2004 года и включал в себя 4 локации: Dark Lab. Темная долина, радар и Warlab. Как мы знаем, ни одна из этих локаций, кроме Темной долины, которая в будущем продолжала развиваться и Дарклаба, который в будущем развился стал лабораторией X-18/ X-16.