Daphni - Ahora: Daphni - Ahora (Margot Remix) смотреть онлайн

Daphni - Ahora

Музыкальный клип Daphni - Ahora
Dan Snaith (Caribou) delivers another ace Daphni track, this one for Amazing Sounds Records and backed with a remix by Margot. 'Ahora' moves away from the more African themes of his edits for Resista and Jiaolong, working with a slinky, oriental melody and effortlessly bumping House rhythm certain to hypnotise susceptible dancefloors. Remixing, Border Community's Italian duo, Margot invert and unzip the original to reveal a stranger sort of dubbed-out 4th world House groover.


Margot rmx for Daphni (the side-project of Dan Snaith aka Caribou) on Amazing Sounds Records - 31 october 2011.