DIRECTOR'S REEL: Director`s Reel 2015 - Slava Denisov, DC Chavez 90 Sec. Director's Reel, Режиссёрский шоурил 2013 года Криса Нонга (Chris Nong: Director’s


Chris Nong, Director/Cinematographer.
SYNC (2014;
Shoot to Film (2012;<br/><br/>
Directed by Variable
In 2015, universal perception of the ‘visual language’ is deepening exponentially moment by moment. As a Creative Collective with firm roots in cinematography, we have grown together by understanding the role in which visuals play not only in our films, but also our lives. Since 2011, Variable has consistently put forth a tremendous amount of energy and passion into visual language simply because we value the truth and the emotional impact that a single crafted image can have on the viewer. Although it
Some highlights from the last few projects of mine. Put together along with the good folks at The Famous Group in Culver City, CA.

Patrick Scott AKA Zoochosis is a filmmaker in Venice Beach.
Scott earned his undergraduate and graduate degree in film from California Institute of the Arts. PScott writes, directs and edits all of his films, which have been showcased in film festivals worldwide, including Sundance.
He's in development on a feature film. You can follow him on twitter @zoochosisCom

Music remix/mashup by the endlessly cool and patient Alex Harrison:
Some of my recent work. See more at:

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Featured Choreographers:
Jamal Sims, Lindsa...
Deka Brothers - director's reel 2012 All clips extracted from projects directed by the Deka Bros. including: Chris Benoit Hate Her To Death The Road To Hell The Boy Who Killed Caterpillars Run With The Wolves (music: Just like you imagined - NIN)
За последний год я снял не так уж много работ. Однако, теперь их всех достаточно для того, чтобы показать все вместе в качестве режиссерского шоурила.
A short collection of my most recent work, enjoy! Music: Rob Zombie - 'What?'
A compilation of my work as a director from 2014 to 2015.

Music : "The Amazing Spiderman 2"

For promotional use only.
Motion Capture: House of Moves

Music: Major Lazer - Light It Up (Remix)
Joaquín Ortega
Demo Reel: Film Director - Stunt Coordinator - Actor & Stuntman - NOIDENTITY Films Producer

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Title card to a director Tarsem Singh Dhandwar's reel of student and early commercial work; stars a young Patricia Arquette, Wade Dominguez and A...
2011-2012 Director's Reel for Chad Michael Ward

music: "Damaged" by Damage Vault

Edited by Chad Michael Ward
Assistant Editor/Producer: Mary Taylor

featuring clips from:
Dragonlord "Until the End"
Derek Sherinian, ft. Billy Idol and Slash "In the Summertime"
D'Amato "Speak No Evil"
Aiden "Scavengers of the Damned"
Brandon Ashley "My Decadent Thursday"
Combichrist "Throat Full of Glass"
Armed Love Militia, ft. Fairuza Balk "Stormwinds"
Imperative Reaction, "Surface"
This Can't End Well, "I'll Let You Watch"
Awaken the Empire, "The Awakening"
White Widow, "Reprobate Romance"
Seven Saturdays, "Terrified of Breaking Down"
and the short film "Fable"
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This short film is one of our 8-part Reel Philippines series, which sent four highly-talented young filmmakers to the Philippines to produce four breathtaking sets of films on a given travel subject.

This special edition Director's Commentary edit features the filmmaker herself, Mollie Mills, discussing her experience producing the 'Beaches' film in the Philippi
This is a short montage of Denis Villeneuve's movies from 1998-2015.


Sequence & Credits:
"What About Will" - Bryan Litt
"Unclean" - Robert "Task" Smith
"Santillana" - Maolma Media Corportation
"E-Verify" - Malcholm Reese

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
His formative years found him with a guitar on his lap and a darkroom in the basement. Michael Hurcomb, named in Canada’s Top 20 music photographers – (NXNE Festival), has forged his way into the industry by fusing his passion and first hand knowledge of the underbelly of rock ‘n roll with his life long love of the still photograph. Only this marriage of influences could teach the artistry of taking the multi-sensory experience of a stadium concert and capturing it’s very essence in only two dimensions.
Director's reel featuring my work from films:
Ark, Legacy, The 3rd letter.
Music: Juno Reactor (edited)

My reel, featuring select spots and a montage of my second unit work on THE SPIRIT.

Navy Seals "Footprints"
Playstation "Consequences"
The Spirit 2nd unit montage
Arizona BTEP "School's Out"
PGE "Growing Schools"
Toshiba "Chopper"

Reel edited by Jennifer Reilly at Pictures in a Row

Director's Reel
Shot, Edit and Grade
Aharon Rothschild
917 349 3324

Johann Johannsson
IBM 729 II (Magnetic Tape Unit)

All footage shot with a Canon 5d Mark II
Commercial Representation:

Personal Website:

For booking contact
"A celestial and ecstatic paean to love and lust. Startling, unearthly and rapturously unique. This should be sent to other worlds in a space capsule to represent the sheer beauty and sensuality of our humanly existence. A true visual auteur."
- The Order

- The most highly awarded music video director in Canadian history
- Over 130 music videos
- 28 directorial and video awards out of 61 nominations
- Over 50 top 20 hits
- 15 #1 hits in multiple countries and different genres
- Heavy rotation on all nat
My reel featuring select clips of different projects I directed. All cinematography, vfx, editing, color grading and additional music by me. (Website) (Composer Reel) (I love me some SPAM!) Music: Kanye West feat. Jay-Z - "No Church in the Wild" (Cinematic Remix) Sound Design: Zdravko Djordjevic (
2010 Director's Reel for Chad Michael Ward

music: "Damaged" by Damage Vault

Edited by Keith R. Jenson and Chad Michael Ward

Special thanks to Mary Taylor and Pearry Teo for all their technical and creative help in producing this reel!

featuring clips from:
Dragonlord "Until the End"
Derek Sherinian, ft. Billy Idol and Slash "In the Summertime"
Allhelluja "Superhero Motherfucker Superman"
D'Amato "Speak No Evil"
Aiden "Scavengers of the Damned"
Brandon Ashley "My De
The work of Nasser Boulaich.
Director, DP, Editor.
2013 + 2014.

Production by: Serious Sound.
A small collection of shots from some of my latest projects... It does have an intended melancholic tone, it's been hard lately professional speaking, the commercial world it is not what I once was imagining, a bit frustrated with that... The reel has a big range of projects, documentaries, commercials, a couple of music videos... Also each project had a different budget so cameras and formats are all over the place... from 35mm film, to Canon 5D Mark III, Alexa, RED epic, Canon C300, even black or or
Everything was shot on Sony a7s S-log Ronin 90% shot by me additional cinematography by the talented Patrick Jones I'm trying out new grading and shots, posting to
Corey Rich - Director's Reel

FilmGen Production
ПРОМО РОЛИК Режиссёрская версия

Предновогоднее празднование Дня рождения Полины - дочки Ромы Жукова, с участием в концертной программе известных исполнителей: boy's band "Джинсовые мальчики"; группы "Русский размер"; оперного певца Александра Савинова.

SWEET CONFESSION украсил торжество новогодней ёлочкой со сладостями - легкое суфле на йогурте с мармеладной прослойкой из све
Самая большая группа про ЭКСТРИМ | EXTREME
Music by The Prodigy 2012 © Golestani Production

John Mitropoulos SHOWREEL / Updated Version
Dominique Palombo invites you on a visual journey of movement and dance in his recent compilation reel. Enjoy!
Отличная анимация с фотореалистичной картинкой.
Короткий Метр
Director's reel, — what an absurd thing. How can you define a directors skills by few short cuts from about 40 different projects, each of them with different purposes and goals. Oh nevermind. There still are some clients, who demand this stuff. So I've tried to make it as sequenced as possible to put a bit storytelling in it. Yeah that's why it's so long. By the way, the first two minutes are the 2016 projects only, the rest is the past.
Loneliness - short............. director
Nano food technologies - short............. director
Cold Heat -............. co-director
Signs - student short............. director
American Mom - movie trailer............. director
Black and White Dances - movie trailer............. director
Parallels - webisode............. director
Dirty Joke - webisode............. d
Promo for the movie L'histoire de Marie et Julien by Jacques Rivette. Aired on TFO (

Promo pour le film L'histoire de Marie et Julien de Jacques Rivette. Réalisée pour le diffusion à TFO. (

0:59-1:01 - Ward 3 (будущий фильм с Джеймсом)
Montage of productions i've directed from 2008 - 2011<br/><br/>
Direction's Reel of mine.
by Grzegorz Jonkajtys

Director's reel featuring my work from films:
Ark, Legacy, The 3rd letter, Snow King.
Music: Ratatat (Nostrand)
Film director/producer Andrew Rakoff

About Chase Jarvis:
This is the hub for award-winning photographer Chase Jarvis' behind-the-scenes videos. Look for RAW (our b-roll footage from several shoots), FRAMES (the stitching together of every still frame from a shoot), TECH (technical tips), CURRENT (full length video of Chase's speaking engagements), and SHORTS (fun gadget talk and pop culture ramblings) - also available via iTunes Podcast. Welcome to the untold story--the black box--of photography. Enjoy.