Cypress x Rusko - "Roll It, Light It": Cypress Hill x Rusko - 2012 - Roll It, Light It #shhmusic, Cypress Hill x Rusko - Roll It Light It, Cypress x Rusko -

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✪ West Coast Rap:
просто и со вкусом...
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New collab song of Cypress Hill and Rusko. I really liked the song so uploaded it. Click subscribe for more awesome dubstep plus songs produced by me.
Cypress Hill Go Dubstep With Rusko !
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Spring 2012 sees the release of the upcoming EP Cypress Hill X Rusko, a full-on collabo between the phunky feel ones and the wubby squeal one. The five-track EP merges their tireless championing of sticky icky icky with the beatmaker's chest-caving party anthems

Official video for Cypress x Rusko's "Roll It, Light It."

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