Cutline - Runnin' (Ft. Belle Humble) (Official Video): Cutline - Runnin (Ft. Belle Humble) (Official Video), Cutline - Runnin_ (Ft. Belle Humble) (Official

Cutline - Runnin' (Ft. Belle Humble) (Official Video)

10. Cutline - Runnin' (Ft. Belle Humble) (Official Video)
Переходим на Drum and Bass .
Как ни крути,тянет на более серьезную музыку:))
Available to pre-order now (Released Sunday):

Released on Pilot Recordings.

With the slow and grinding dubstep symphony that is Cutline's Runnin', flanked on this hard-hitting EP by an extended version, a VIP mix and a firing drum bass remix from acclaimed producer Rollz, Pilot's first release is one colossal statement of intent. The spine-straightening vocals of vastly talented bass music vocalist du jour Belle Humble lift over powerfully mechanised bass stabs, dropping the track into a shower of trance synths for an otherworldly breakdown. The tightly controlled drama of this track, from the distorted pitch-shifted vocals to the drop's grinding, apocalyptic intensity threatens that Runnin' will be THE most dangerous bass-heavy track of 2011.

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Good music video, by Cutline and Belle Humble. Nice hard-bass style drum bass song . "I Can runnin running" (Official Video) High Definition [HD]

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