Cutest Owl Ever: Cutest Owl Ever Няшная сова)) Так мило разговаривает)), The Cutest Owl Ever, at Japan's Owl Cafe, eule, molla, cutest baby owl ever,

Cutest Owl Ever

Welcome to Japan's most famous Owl Cafe! Located just a few minutes south of Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo, Japan, the Ikefukurou owl cafe has fourteen owls for your viewing, photographing and petting pleasure. "Ikefukurou" is a mixed word of the name of town, Ikebukuro, and Fukurou, which means "owl" in Japanese. The place runs like clockwork as visitors are called in by name, given a short safety talk, and then allowed to spend the rest of the hour with the owls.

The cover charge includes a fruit juice
Cutest Owl Ever
i never saw, so cute baby owl!!!!

These owls and baby owls have got to be the cutest birds ever. You can't just watch them once. Guaranteed to watch it over and over again :D
August 2008: This is my husband holding Frosty, a barred owl who was injured by a car and now permanently lives at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans. He cannot fly, and according to the Aquarium's volunteer website, if they had not taken him in he would have been euthanized. We were given a special private meeting with him, and his trainer advised us to let him cuddle up to us--it makes him more comfortable. An owl that likes to cuddle? We didn't believe it either, until we saw it happen! (My apologies for the background noise/chatting from the other aquarium visitors.)
DISCLAIMER: I do not have any more information on Frosty than what I have already shared, and I regret that I have only met him once. Don't cuddle wild owls, folks. Not unless you're a fan of painful lacerations. Don't cuddle "tame" owls, either, unless their handler specifically tells you that it is safe, which is highly unlikely: Frosty is a very special case! Owls are NOT normally