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Crystale Castles - Doe Deer

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Sight: Recycled Youtube Footage
Sound: Crystal Castles
Edited: Myself
Artist: Crystal Castles
Song: Doe Deer
Director: Lander Sistiaga Fernandez
Girl: Sara Outeiral
Lucerna, Prague

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Crystal Castles - Doe Deer live at Echoplex Los Angeles 12 April 2010

(not my video)
увидено в группе Психоделические Мультики
Just messing around with my EMX to make a cover of Crystal Castles. Nothing too fancy. Enjoy!

Read the description! / Читай описание!
Hey everyone! That's my new creation in 8-bit/fakebit style. Let's listen to this. I'll be glad if you're subscribing to my YT channel :D

Original song (Doe Deer) authored by Crystal Castles. All rights go towards the band and their record company.
Привет! Это моя новая работа в жанре 8-bit/fakebit. Давай послушаем. Подписывайся!
VJ Show Reel for 2011. All visuals are created from original material shot, animated, painted, or photographed from our various projects. Sometimes they are created specifically for visuals purposes. Each little one has some sort of quirky tale behind it.

Bring us on your next tour....


Music: "Doe Deer" by Crystal Castles
Crystal Castles - Doe Deer

crystal castles live at the masquerade in atlanta georgia on 9/8/10. fucking epic to say the least. my camera likes to randomly decide when it should be in focus and out of focus, some vids were really good some not so great because of this, bear with me.

fainting spells
courtship dating (somehow my video got fucked, serious hate)
doe deer
air war
alice practice
black panther
reckless (through the
слушайте в наушниках на максималной громкости, которую сможете адекватно воспринимать)
Crystal Castles - Doe Deer

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I do not own this, will remove upon request

1- Doe Deer
2- Insectica (2004 version)
3- Seed (2004 version)
4- Mother Knows best (2004 version)
Doe Deer by Crystal Castles ENTIRELY ACAPELLA.
Ноты и табулатуры доступны: Sheet music available on: // death/ray death/ray // you need it.//
new album // june/7/2010.//

Crystal Castles Doe Deer Live Montreal Osheaga 2011 HD 1080P

La continuación de "Vietnam" simulando los visuales para un supuesto concierto de Crystal Castles. En proyectos se nos planteó realizar los visuales de un concierto. Decidimos hacerlo del grupo Crystal Castles ya que nos gustan mucho y creímos que eran un buen ejemplo de música actual. Después de elegir las canciones que sintetizarían ese concierto, buscamos conceptos en común para esas canciones, y de ahí salió una "historia" que las unía a todas. un personaje al que le obligan a ver unas imagenes violen
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спешл для Бобровской ♥
Crystal Castles LIVE at House of Blues Houston 4/20