Crutch: Pusha T - Crutches, Crosses, Caskets, Pusha T - Crutches, Crosses, Caskets (RU Subtitles / Русские Субтитры), Pusha T - Crutches Crosses Caskets

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[club55113056|GOD EGO STORE ® - магазин уличной одежды.]
brandonfcwe: @yeshuathegudwin we learned a valuable lesson in life this day never walk in crutches in a crowd of fans on a pier. Lol #TBT
Thousand Foot Crutch - So far gone
“Approaching a barbell I turn into a different person. I grunt, puff my chest, tighten my wrist straps, adjust my crutch, tap my toes over and over like I…”
“When you're @adele AF and just trying to sing "Hello" walking down the stairs but you accidentally trip on your crutches.”
We spotted the French Pop singer Mylene Farmer arriving on crutches on the Parisian set of her latest clip, Stolen Car, she and Police legend Sting has just announced their new English-French duet

Paris, France. September 2nd, 2015
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Оригинал тут
Residing from St. Louis, Smalltalk and RichyG collab on High Zombie-Crutches, music from World of Dance.
Alexis Taylor - Without A Crutch (Official Video)
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Directed by Ben Stockley
Artworks by Oliver Payne -- courtesy of the Herald St. Gallery.
Thanks to Ash Lange.
Justin Bieber: Well…looks like crutches again

Justin Bieber in USA on the 5th of January 2015 ( 05/01/15 )

video fahlo

Известные всем нам слова-паразиты в английском языке с употреблением аналога в русском)
What kind of jerks try to rob a girl on crutches just six days after ankle surgery!? These thugs chose the wrong gimp. Glad I was practicing my Crutch Fu. A woman should always be prepared to defend herself! And don't worry. Kicking that guy in the head didn't hinder my recovery in the least! 100% and glad to be back.

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Another cool song by them.
From their 'Scars and Soveniers' album.
In Drop C.
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
I do not own any rights to this song!!!

This is my new cover on Thousand Foot Crutch
Guitar : Ibanez SA120 (G&B Pickups)
AI:AudioKontrol 1
Soft: Guitar Rig 5 Sony Vegas
Camera : Htc One (M7)

Filmed By My Friend Gregory
Dancing like nowbody else! Do thing this is Fake or Not"No Limits with Crutches" contact"
[club26656301|Hip-Hop Chamber]. Подписывайся, лучший паблик о Хип-Хопе
[NR clips] (Новые Рэп Клипы 2015)

Music video by Pusha T performing Crutches, Crosses, Caskets. (C) 2015 Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
Had to go through 50 beta-tapes to find it, but here's the one you've been waiting for. Has some video drop-outs (from playing it over a hundred times back then), but the audio is still intact so crank it up and enjoy!
Skate con muletas / Skate with crutches

Maosn finally got her in the crutch it took soo long to get that...
feel bad for nici though
Thursday, April 28, 2016: Muse frontman Matt Bellamy made his way through LAX on a pair of crutches, with some assistance. The rocker was recently seen visiting with his son's family, ex Kate Hudson and her parents, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

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Silent very rare colour home footage. The first footage is of Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum at the airport in Canada about to board a plane. Marilyn badly sprained her ankle while filming "River Of No Return" in 1953 and that is why she is on crutches. The second footage is of Marilyn walking and waving as she left the court in 1956 after she paid a $55 fine for driving without a licence or while disqualified
Gadget crutches are the result of being given really rubbish NHS ones and thinking "theres a FURZE way to do this" So dragging my broken self around the shed i made these beuts. For more pics and info vistit my website

or contact me at
Funny Prank : A man pushes a woman on crutches over on purpose. Reactions of the people is worth a watch. Hilarious Pranks only on Prank attacks.
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Single | 26 July, 2016

album "Afraid Of Heights", available July 29th:
Концерт под эгидой партии "Патриоты России"
Crutch Script -

Zombie Ranger's -
When the music hits you, it hits you. Boom. Turn down for crutch(es).
Ghosts of August, GoA, GOA, The Crutch, Lyric, Video
Всем здарова пацаны,с вами Catalino Depo и я Костыль .В этой теме вы можете заказать себе модификации для игры Gta San Andreas,а именно скины,перекраску ганов.Так же вы можете заказать графику любого вида - на твитч,канал,группу.Ещё мы предоставляем услуги эдитов.Все примеры можете просмотреть в группе.За ценой обращаться ко мне в лс:
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I’m holding you up, keeping you on your feet,
Always in the dark even when you’re next to me.

So how does it feel,
To know that I would do anything to break your f

Видео предоставила группа "Клипы по Наруто"
Авторы: Nov and Naru

От себя: Да это ужас == Я потерял все свои навыки за два-три месяца, а впрочем навыков этих и не было .__.""
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"Her Crutch" by Airliner (Com Truise) The video was made by me using compilation clips from Lifeforce, Android, and Last Starfighter. The actual music in the video is not mine, it belongs to Seth Haley. Please do not take down the video as this track was available for free off his website under his Airliner alias on the album "Self-Destruct Part 1." I DO NOT CLAIM THE MUSIC TO BE MINE, so please read this description to understand; thank you.<br/><br/>
Haster - "Crutch"

From our upcoming album, 'Let It Go', out March 25th, 2014

Copyright by Haster @2014 BMI
All Rights Reserved

Video Created by Patrick Nolan

For More Information about Haster, Visit Our Websites:

Bill Shannon, aka "Crutch Master," is a multi-disciplinary artist who defies definition and gravity. Goto for info about the feature length documentary.

This video was featured on Youtube's front page (the day Google bought them!),, Good Morning America, CW, Pangea Film Festival, International Hip Hop Fest, and the list goes on...

Directed and Produced by
Sachi Cunningham and Chandler Evans

Группа из Чикаго
Веселый немецкий смех - с 18:49 и по смыслу))
Episode 3

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Watch in HD!
My second AMV! Might not be the best but enjoy :)

Anime: Guilty Crown // Song: Be Somebody by Thousand Foot Crutch

I was inspired to make this when I first heard this song because it struck me how well it fits Guilty Crown!
I was actually quite surprised with everyone's reaction! Every time I fell over, someone helped me up :) Faith in humanity has been restored!

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Привлекательные девушки на костылях - I like it!!!! По-моему очень сексуально!

"The Original Boxing Tree of Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu" series
By: Shi De Yang

The Guaizi (crutch) is one of the more unique weapons belonging to Shaolin. It was originally used mainly for exercises and fitness, but the ancestors of Shaolin developed it into a weapon capable of defeating the spear. Using the motions of turning, hooking, sweeping, and pressing, the crutch can be used to defend against the spear's characteristic strong points and exploit its weaknesses.
«Я хочу, чтобы все люди видели, что ничто не может помешать человеку в достижении его мечты».<br/><br/>Коллекция группы:
Spirogyra got formed in 1967 and released their first album in 1971, St. Radigunds. This song is from that album.

Their sound reminds of Comus' First Utterance, though less insane.

They were also from the Canterbury area (Caravan, Hatfield and the North, Soft Machine, Egg etc). - Маяк в Мире Музыки
© 2006 WMG
Crutch (Video)

The Scariest sounds I have ever heard!!! Listen to my Halloween Video Clip.

Shallow Side - "Crutch"

Directed by:
Anthony Mattox
Alli Richards
Eric Boatright

Shallow Side:
Eric Boatright
Seth Trimble
Cody Hampton
Heath Fields

Nick Tolbert

Camera Work:
Alli Richards
Eric Boatright
Jesse Foltz
Anthony Mattox

Hair and Makeup:
Kendal Allen
Lindsay Coggins

Actors in Classroom:
Anthony Mattox
Kendal Allen
Ashlee Hampton
Kathreine Lee
Lexi Gregory
Kathy Griffin Whores on Crutches- 02/11/2012

Kathy griffins, kathy, griffins, kathy griffins, griffindcomedy, kathy comedy, kathy griffins standup, kathy griffins stand up,

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Premieres may look "glamorous," but sometimes they're just weird. And, according to a recently injured
Emilia Clarke said, "Crutches make it that much weirder." On multiple occasions this month, the actress was
photographed using crutches to get around town. "They're called Will and Ben, just so you know," she joked on
The BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show With Nick Grimshaw. Regarding her injury, the
Game of Thrones actress said, "I've got a stress fracture on my hip."
Anime: Hajime no Ippo, New Challenger, Rising, Champion's Road, Mashiba Vs Kimura OVA (in short, all boxing anime made on the manga)
Song: Phenomenon
Artist: Thousand Foot Crutch

Watch in HD! Like it and Leave a comment if you like it.

Hajime no Ippo is one the most well animated, feel good animes I have ever seen. Its grossly underrated and I recommend anyone that likes action animes to watch it. Its one of the reasons I started working out, and has motivated me to push myself further whenever I watch

The most \m/ rocking song Hell yeah!
I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend! Here is a silly video for you all.<br/><br/>
Madonna is shown for the first time on crutches, hobbling around New York City after injuring herself on the dance floor at a party.<br/><br/>
Niall Horan of One Direction greeting fans outside a radio station in London while on crutches.
No Copyright intended.

Song: DJ Tinman - MySwayGah

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Группа - Popping Style (Waving,Robot,King Tut)
Ясно, что видео постановочное, но всё равно забавное :D

В Бразилии где-то на пляжу один одноногий инвалид слегка цепляет другого такого же... Начинается перепалка и драка... Даже не драка, а бой!

Особенно стоит отметить их мастерство фехтования костылями, стоя на одной ноге.

Здорово, когда люди могут посмеяться над собой :)

Crutches are typically meant to aid the healing process … unless you're in WWE, in which case they turn into metallic instruments of destruction. From Rusev to New Jack, watch Superstars swing crutches with bad intentions.

Follow WWE on YouTube:
2nd part of a Compilation of trailers by Swedish Crutch#
I deleted the music, so it should be available for everyone
Сегодня в Алматинской области проживают около 62 тысяч инвалидов. Из них около двадцати тысяч могли бы работать. В Алматинской области подъездные пути, пандусы, устройства для инвалидных колясок имеют лишь 56 объектов (4,6% от общего числа инвентаризованных объектов).

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Человек на костылях / Man with crutches | Социальный эксперимент / KzPrank
Дэвид — 16-летний тинэйджер, живущий в пригороде в обычной семье, сталкивается с обычными проблемами, возникающими при взрослении и половом созревании — в частностью, с тем, что его тянет к парням. Он играет в театре и попадает под влияние Кенни, симпатичного актера где-то под 30 лет. Тот его совращает, и Дэвид постепенно опускается в пропасть: начинает пить, принимать наркотики. Да еще и мать пьет, а отец изменяет ей налево и направо.
Please, watch it on HD! It's really important!

Anime: Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru/Betrayal Knows My Name/Предательство знает мое имя
Creators: J.C. Staff ()
Characters: Yuki Giou (Sakurai), Zess (Luka Crosszeria)
Music: Theory of a Deadman - Crutch
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 9.0

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the contents featured in this video. All rights belong to their respective owners
Chloe Moretz ON CRUTCHES after hurting her leg doing stunts!
Chloë Moretz arriving at LAX Airport
December 17, 2014
LAX, Los Angeles
Jesus Christ is exploding through the saints 2015 //

A man walks without crutches after years, in the middle of the market
Muslims and many unbelievers are getting prayed for and surrendering there life to Jesus.

Filmed & Edited: Jcreation Media
Music: Serenata - Atomic Mix Lab
Varekai's 'Solo on Crutches', performed by the Limping Angel

Song is Le Reveur (Also known as Vova)
Sung by Mathieu Lavoie and Zara Tellander<br/><br/>Словно кукла, акробат раскачивается на своих ходулях в волнующем танце.
My grandpa can dance better than you.

Song is Knife Party - Bonfire

Original video is:
Ding, ding, ding... WTF?! A man walks across the stage using crutches and a meter long metal rod attached to his crotch, and then he whacks it!
«Я хочу бегать сегодня» - говорит молодая женщина с костылями в Корее, которая видит осуществление своей мечты через веру в Иисуса Христа после молитвы Т. Б. Джошуа. С русским закадровым переводом.

"I want to run tonight" says the young lady with crutches in Korea, who sees her dream come true through faith in Jesus Christ, following prayer from TB Joshua. With Russian Voiceover.

*** - WATCH THE ORIGINAL *** - -
Crutch Wars: The Homeless Menace

Video Marketing by
Band Performance filmed and Directed by Matt Zane. Additional footage directed by Trey Astbury & Jeremie Campbell

Всем здарова пацаны,с вами Catalino Depo и я Костыль .В этой теме вы можете заказать себе модификации для игры Gta San Andreas,а именно скины,перекраску ганов.Так же вы можете заказать графику любого вида - на твитч,канал,группу.Ещё мы предоставляем услуги эдитов.Все примеры можете просмотреть в группе.За ценой обращаться ко мне в лс:
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I FULLY expect the creative videos to start flowing from you people watching this... cause I ain't got time to make them.

Video I saw of an older gentleman throwing down his crutches to dance. Love how he gets into it! Hopefully I'll be half this energetic when I'm his age. Fantastic!

Winter Jam 2014 - Tulsa Ok. TFK with Surprise Special Guest Carrie Underwood

Please forgive the excessive movement and poor sound quality as we were sitting on the top row about 100 yards away from stage.