Cruel Addict - Roller Ville: Максим "Cruel Addict" Доши - Roller Ville (КЛИП), Cruel Addict - Roller Ville (Official Mashup Video) Максим Доши отжигает ёба.,

Cruel Addict - Roller Ville

Cruel Addict, is in the house, 2010
presents: "Roller Ville"
You wanna?
Uhhhhhhhhhhh, uh uh, uh uh!
All the chicks who at ma’ party
Shake their asses, move their bodies
Cuz my party is ice cold
Cuz my party is highroll
All my fellas at my party
Want my chicks and drink Baccardy
Cuz my party is so pro
Cuz my party is highroll
Every time when suckers lie
Play my game without buy
They will have a problems wild
Cuz my life...