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Много идей, но нет средств на их реализацию? В погоне за инвестициями можно потерять кучу времени и сил. Все о крауфандинге - как собрать деньги через интернет - не пропустите!

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by Alex Gusev
by Alex Gusev

an insight into the concepts and thinking behind the 'stereopublic' project towards its first incarnation 'crowdsourcing the quiet' in 2013. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its Arts Funding and Advisory Body, the Government of South Australia through Arts SA and a City 2.0 TEDPrize award.

From the filmmakers behind CONNECTED
Directed by @tiffanyshlain Music by Moby
To declare your interdependence, please join us at

A DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE is a crowdsourced short film by the filmmakers behind the feature film CONNECTED (

It is premiering right now at Interdependence Day Sept 12, 2011 in New York near groundzero at Threelegged Dog Art Technology Center.

To participate in the "100 languages challenge" with DotSub and the world to translate the film into 100 languages, go to
The Future of SEO! Use the Power of Crowd Searching to Boost your Google Keyword Rankings! - For years Ben has wanted to take another crack at creating the ultimate in can-crushing technology. In an early episode of the show, his can-crushing experiments didn’t provide the results he’d hoped for and have haunted him ever since. Ben reached out to viewers to share their ideas on the element14 community and with those ideas he’s come up with a new plan.
A new free smart phone app that tracks drone signals close to airports or crowded events could help prevent unmanned aerial vehicles being used for nefarious purposes such as terrorism. Sharon Reich reports.
ulung channel
Top 10 MMA
Obama Rap
Stupid jokes gone wrong
Street Dance -
Parody song -
Road fight -
Alexander Iscenco, author of "The Monster - Blade of Darkness" on his new book, the MEGA organisation, environment and crowdcreativity process.

The Monster:
ISBN: 978-3950371383
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"Some people think cities are only places of noise," Sweeney explains, "but I think they have the potential to provide both chaos and calm."

It's much easier to find noise, at present, but Sweeney and his team of designers and artists are trying to change that through the Stereopublic project. With support from City 2.0 Award and the Creative Australia initiative, they will build an online space--likely web and smartphone based--where people can essentially geo-locate and crowd-source quiet spaces.

The CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation lays out three tools to boost innovative ideas and re-draw the frontiers of business and creativity.

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Guest: Adric Schreuders, Regional Director of Engineering,
The average home size in the U.S. doubled in the past century but happiness levels stayed flat. Serial entrepreneur Graham Hill argues that we should take note of this and cut, cut, cut. He calls his mantra LifeEdited and he believes we'll actually be happier if we cut the size of our homes, cars, collection of stuff and even our number of friends. To take the conversation public, he's bought a tiny apartment in New York's Soho and he's preparing to crowdsource its redesign. Hill shows us the "before" of hi
[club45457230|BrainSY] - Глобальная международная платформа для эффективного решения задач людей.

Краудсорсинг основан на одной простой идее: коллективный разум всегда более продуктивен, чем отдельный, даже самый гениальный человек; а достижения добровольцев-любителей зачастую превосходят достижения экспертов крупнейших глобальных корпораций.
50 thousand translators and writers contribute translations and copy-writing, targeting 2 million euros revenue this year. You can go online and order your content and you get it back translated a couple of hours later. Disrupting the translation market at about 3 cents per word at Basic quality, 10 cents per word for the standard level and up to 18 cent per word for expert translation and copy-writing mode.

Filmed at the Next Berlin using the Panasonic GH3 camcorder with 12-35mm lense on a Tiffen St
For Virtual Sunset, Studio Tobias Klein crowdsources images of sunsets from around the world, turning them into a 3D projection evolving in real-time, one that captures the transient but sublime nature of a sunset—turning what can often be a private, secluded moment into a collective, tangible experience. Learn more: The Creators Project is a partnership between Intel and VICE: Like The Creators Project on Facebook:

What is Crowdsourcing? go to and join the debate.
Surv is a crowdsourced surveillance mapping app. It's like 'Waze' but for video surveillance.
Public cameras can be mapped in any city around the world anonymously. What if we gain access to some of these cameras and use the footage to help people instead of spying on them? 'Big Brother' won't like that. Sign up for the private beta and start disrupting the CCTV industry today.
Footage of the 2013 Cyclocross World Championship from Louisville, Kentucky. All footage is mobile phone or digital camera clips submitted by followers of Music by Armin Van Buuren ( and Hanson ( Video by: Jon Suzuki Jennifer Church Ray Whitney Sean Mealey and more ... Check us out at
Presented at Crowdsourcing Week Global 2014 by Paul Niederer, CEO of ASSOB. Join us for CSW Global 2015! More Information:
NASA Public Affairs Officer Dan Huot talks with Dr. David Coil about Project MERCCURI, which will study a "crowdsourced" collection of microbial samples scheduled to launch to the International Space Station aboard the SpaceX-3 mission.
Brand: Brazilian Red Cross
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Music: Happy Together - Ben continues building his crowdsourced can crusher, creating it piece by piece to make sure everything works before routing parts on the CNC.

Learn more about Micrium Embedded Software at

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LangPrism is a crowdsourcing translation service for web content. It allows everyone to translate any interesting web page and share this knowledge with others in their native language.
Желаю Вам удачи, будет еще много интересного.
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Лекция Константина Гаранина "Краудсорсинг", в рамках проекта Vision. World trends
Actress and Twitter celebrity Felicia Day agrees to a crowdsourced interview, forcing her and Paul F. Tompkins to do anything the internet wants. Anything!
Hoodies are one of the most popular ways to stay warm and ways to stay comfortable year-round, but now you can have the added convenience of heat, powered by any 2.1Amp or higher USB Power Bank. We want you to be the pioneers - the first to wear our Evolve Heated Hoodie! With your support, we can bring the Evolve heated hoodie to market sooner, in time for the holidays.
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SYNEK™ is the first crowdsourced beer dispenser that gives you access to any beer ever made, fresh from your kitchen counter.

Get early access at
Jurado: Fernando Meirelles Ficou entre os TOP10 de um total de 46 vídeos. Direção e Edição: Ricardo Zauza Direção de Foto: Diego Tezzoni e Matheus Mombelli

BoomIlluminator - Crowdsourced Light Show powered by Red Bull. The BoomIlluminator is an interactive art installation, designed and built by the redpepper lab team for Red Bull's Creation competition. When proximity sensors on the BoomIlluminator are triggered by a Red Bull, the lighting sequence is set into action. The BoomIlluminator works by capturing audio waves in their natural environment with its onboard microphone. The audio is then fed thru the tubes of the Turbull encabulator and sent to its aud
Dianne van Giersbergen from Xandria Supporting the Celestial Ruin crowd sourcing campaign.

Donations can be made at :
Crowdsorcing («передача полномочий толпе») как принцип ведения дизайнерских проектов совсем недавно был невозможен.

А сейчас стал модным. Nike и P&G все чаще обращаются к фрилансерским сетям для выполнения своих проектов.

Большие бренды используют краудсорсинг

Краудсорсинг. Во власти толпы

Краудсорсинг для дизайна

Nicola Formichetti is obsessed with social. As creative director of globally renowned fashion brand Diesel, Nicola has used social to crowd source for campaigns, as a medium to create and collaborate, and to bring his social community into his creative projects.

Beginning his career at Dazed, and more recently as guest editor of the title, he talks to the magazine's news editor Zing Tsjeng about how this obsession works so successfully and demonstrates what other brands can learn from him.

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Crowdsourcing" has, virtually overnight, generated huge buzz, enthusiasm, and fear. It's the application of the open-source idea to any field outside of software, taking a function performed by people in an organization, such as reporting done by journalists, research and product development by scientists, or design of a T-shirt, for example, and, in effect, "outsourcing" it through an open-air broadcast on the Internet. Crowdsourcing has already had a huge impact on big companies like Procter & Gamble, as
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AppFlow is about discovering apps in a social way. Browse or follow users or specific app lists to discover apps you're interested in. Create and share apps you love so that others can discover these.

Features :
- Browse, Discover and Search For apps
- Create App Lists, and share them
- Follow users and app lists
- All of this with a truly amazing an interactive UI

A short animated film by, narrated by's Founder, Carl Esposti, describing the four different ways Crowdsourcing works and the five different categories of things you can do with crowdsourcing.

See how to tap the power of the crowd for creative projects (Crowd Creativity), to collect and organize knowledge (Distributed Knowledge), how to use the crowd to develop and test new ideas (Open Innovation), to access an on-demand scalable workforce (Cloud Labor) and how to use the crowd to raise capital (Crowdfunding). Also, there are tools you can use to help you with your crowdsourcing initiatives.

Thanks to the participating Crowdsourcing Service Providers for supporting this project:

CrowdEngineering: Distributed Knowledge

RocketHub: Crowdfunding

Lionbridge, Amazon Mechanical Turk, 10EQS: Cloud Labor

Innocentive: Open Innovation

GeniusRocket, 99Designs: Crowd Creativity

SmartSheet, CrowdControl, Spigit, Brightidea: Too
On October 10, 2015, Ridley Scott, Anurag Kashyap, Richie Mehta and Google invited the people of India to share their stories about life in an evol...
This is a new and improved version of what was "The US Cargo Bike Revolution doc trailer." (The big changes are toward the end.)

Do you love your cargo bike? Has it changed your life? Your family? Your town?
Join me in producing an authentic crowdsourced document of a cultural revolution in progress. I'm seeking submissions from cargo bike folk all over the world to combine in the form of a feature length documentary. More info at Watch the trailer, visit my site, get inspir