Crocodile Stitch PART 1: Learn to Crochet with Girlybunches - Crocodile Stitch Part 1 - Triangle / Graduated Sides, Crochet Petal Beanie Tutorial - Crocodile

Crocodile Stitch PART 1

Hi All,

Back with a new tutorial, this is going to be a three parter.

I will be showing you how to do the fashionable crocodile/scale/petal crochet stitch. If you have followed my previous how to videos you should be able to tackle this stitch with no problems, however, if you are brand new to crochet, I would recommend practicing the basic stitches first.

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This pattern has 4 videos to complete the project. A clickable link is included at the end of each video for the next se
Detailed demonstration how to crochet the "crocodile stitch". Part 1 of 2.