Crimson Rose - CommandSpry смотреть онлайн

Crimson Rose - CommandSpry

Oh yeah, she gets some love as well :)

This is actually an old project, meant for a pony 2d platformer that has since been abandoned (that's why it's meant to loop, sort of), so I spiced up the theme and reworked it as a tribute to someone who says like, two, three lines?

Hey, that's much better than making a song about Vinyl, SHE DUN EVEN SAY ANYTHIN

:) Anyway, Crimson red is best red.

The project is hectic as hell..seriously if I showed you the .mid, that thing is a mess, so many violins, and many of them blend in the background but are genuine segments..If you want to remix this, eeeeeeeeeeeh......:)

Heavily inspired by RainbowCrash88's stuff :)

Credits given where credit's due:

Original Pic by Kooner01: