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Crate Escape

The Crate Escape', is a humorous interpretation by Carlsberg of the film 'The Great Escape'.
It is set in a remote health spa where a group of young guys reluctantly join their girlfriends' at a luxury spa weekend.
The men¹s presence does not seem welcome by the Spa staff as they experience extreme treatments.
Resolving to do something about this, our hero leads the way, and joins forces with the other guys to outwit the spa attendants.
The twist on the tale, instead of trying to escape f
My sister's puppy loves to play outside. If she knows anyone or anything is outside, she will stop at nothing to try to get out there. Since the dogs are pretty competitive when it comes to fetching the ball, they have to take turns going outside to play so the Alpha dog doesn't be mean to the other two. One day, they found Meg (the dog) in her kennel all the way at the back door of the house (including up and down stairs). If they watched Meg, she would never try to leave her area, so they set up camera
Our Yorkie puppy kept escaping from her crate and we couldn't figure out how.
So we set up a camera and went for dinner. when we came back this is what we saw...
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Новая телевизионная реклама Carlsberg, "Crate Escape ', является юмористической пародией на фильм" The Great Escape". Ролик снят в оздоровительном центре, где парни, вынуждены присоединиться к своим девушкам.

Наш герой находит оригинальный способ, чтобы не только сохранить свою приверженность к своей подруге, но добавить столь необходимый элемент в спа опыт: свежий Carlsberg.

'Crate Escape' разработана креативным агентством Fold7, режиссер Питер Лайдон.