Coyote Ugly - Dancing Only: Coyote Ugly Dancing Only, Dancing on the bar coyote ugly, Coyote Ugly - Dancing Only [Bridget Moynahan, Piper Perabo]

Coyote Ugly - Dancing Only

This is a video taken from the Coyote Ugly film. As those who have seen the video know there are lots of sexy dance routines on the bar. Those who have not seen it don't worry I have posted them here. The video has 6 dances in total.

(00:00) The first is Cammie (who wears a pink vest top, pink leopard skin trousers and pink ankle boots) Rachel (who wears a maroon, dark red leather vest top and black leather pants and I think black boots, it's hard to tell) Zoe (who wears brown vest top and black l
Dancing on the bar at coyote ugly
Coyotes are dancing on the bar at Coyote Ugly bar