Converse Nails: Converse Nail Art (Дизайн ногтей, маникюр "Converse"), Converse Shoe Nail Art [LOOK2GIRL], Beauty Vlog-Nail art "paint cute converses on your

Converse Nails

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남들과는 차별화된 특별한 네일아트를 원한다면 주목!

누구나 쉽게 따라할 수 있는 '컨버스화 네일아트'를 지금 공개합니다!

Life styler :
Insite TV :
NOTHING perform an intensely loud version of 'Bent Nail' inside the Red Light Radio studio at CONVERSE FADER FORT.

For more on Red Light Radio: ht...

I finally managed to create the tutorial for the converse shoe design. So here it is! Leave a comment below!

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Song Credit: My drive thru - N.E.R.D. ft Santogold Julian Casablancas
Bored Shorts TV has a series called "Senior Snippets" where they put microphones on senior citizens and record their everyday conversations. Then, the video is turned over to kids so that their reactions and responses can be filmed. In this case, Emma and Bron decided to pretend as if they were George and his wife in this hilarious short. There is something so funny about seeing these youngsters with such "old" voices and conversation topics.
Nails frontman Todd Jones explains his "work-release program" in the latest installment of Converse x Decibel.
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