Connie Talbot - Rolling in the deep (Adele cover): Connie Talbot - Rolling in the Deep - Adele cover / Home Video, connie talbot - rolling in the deep - adele

Connie Talbot - Rolling in the deep (Adele cover)

Home video. Connie sings "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele.

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PLEASE READ: This is not Connie's official upload but a modified one carrying lyrics for those hearing impaired or wanting to sing along. For her official channel go to or
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Had a lot of requests to sing this song... second attempt..hope you will like it : ) i have a orginal song i wrote will be out on 30th may.its called "Beautiful World" hope you will like that one too.

dedicated to connie talbot and angie vazquez no copy
dedicado a coonie talbot y angie vazquez no copiar

Connie Talbot cover of 'Rolling in the Deep'. Young girl niñita con voz mejor que Adele.,....Adele ...Espectacular bozarron!!!