Concrete Walls - Harry & Alfie: Concrete Walls - Harry & Alfie смотреть онлайн

Concrete Walls - Harry & Alfie

Hey People,

First of, thank you to all the new subscribers who found us from the 'Spotlight' section of YouTube. "Not To Blame" got 50,000+ Views! :) We're brothers Harry Alfie (Harry in Blue in this video, Alfie in Yellow :P ) haha. We come from Dublin, Ireland

This is a video made by Mateusz Napieralski
He is currently in his 1st year of motion graphics at Ravensbourne
Here's some of his other work

It's quite an artsy video. This song was formally "The Prison Song" but we decided to rename it for obvious reasons! :) It was available as part of our Pledge Campaign and before Christmas sometime it maybe on iTunes again along with the other songs on the EP.

In a few videos time we are recording a music video and studio recording for "Battles".. Stay Tuned and please share the love!

Take it Ham n cheesy, Be yourselves, no regrets,
Harry Al