Common - Sweet ( Official Video ): Common - Sweet (Official Parody Video)

Common - Sweet ( Official Video )

OldSchool - Gangsta Rap - Street Rap - Funk
The Official Parody Video for Common's "Sweet"

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Directed by James Okubo -
Song by Theory Hazit -

Locations Provided by: Salmon Street Studios and Sweets Etc

[Intro: Common]
Yeah you know,
You know they be asking 'bout what kinda candy i eat?
What's my fav kind?
I'm all about that sour fruity FRUIT SNAX!
Fruit gushers
Them minute maid joints
That's what I do

[Verse 1: Common]
How can I say this, I packing all flavas
I'm the life saver for all the taste makers
A lot of ya'll nah nah, forgot now who I am
The fifth street boy , with jolly ranchers in my hand
Aw yeah, wave ya bag of skittles in the air
Arrested at the mall, for stealing gummy bears
In Cincinnati, they swoop me like a vulture
If you

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