Collins Kids - Night Train to Memphis: The Collins Kids - Night Train To Memphis (STAR ROUTE Country Music TV Show - 1964)

Collins Kids - Night Train to Memphis

Around 1964, Larry and Lorrie teamed up once again to appear on the syndicated country music TV show "Star Route". It also starred Glen Campbell. The program featured a "legendary" country music artist each week and showcased his/her career. George Morgan was the guest for this broadcast. Other shows included Faron Young, and Carl Smith among others.
By the time Lawrence (b. 1944) and Lawrencine Collins (b. 1942) were 11 and 13, respectively, they were already tearing it up on country package shows, recording for Columbia Records, and performing on national TV almost weekly. Older sister Lorrie held up the cowgirl fringe-rustling-against-nylons teenage sensuality department; kid brother Larry was a bundle of hyperkinetic energy, bopping all over the place while laying down exciting, twangy guitar breaks learned firsthand from the King of the Doublenecke