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Colleena Shakti

Colleena Shakti
Indian Fusion Belly Dance

Performed by Colleena Shakti 2012
at the Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive (LVBDI)
Music by: Lata Mangeshkar
Videography by: Candlelight Productions<br/><br/>
Odissi Classical Indian Dance...
Shakti School of Dance presents the annual Pushkar Temple Dance Festival. Director of the school, Colleena Shakti and teacher Nirod Dehury dance 2 pieces here: Jaya Bagavati (about the demon slaying Goddess Durga) and Radha Rani (about the sringara rasa/ 'romantic' playfulness of Radha and Lord Krishna)

Интернет журнал о танце Tribal Fusion:
Colleena Shakti wows the crowd at Tribal Fest 2009.
The Beautiful Colleena

this piece is a magical work of art by international artist,colleena shakti(shakti school of dance).
It is an Indian fusion bellydance piece that left the audience spell was performed by colleena at the 5th edition of jashn-e-banjara.
see you at the 6th edition of jahsn-e-banjara , september 18th-21st 2014, new delhi, india.

Performing on Saturday 25 Aug 2012
Video by Ratko Ilijić
This piece is a fluid fusion between rajasthani folk styles and bellydance performed by the beautiful colleena shakti at the 5th edition of jashn-e-banjara organized by the banjara school of dance. See you at the 6th edition 18-21 september 2014, new delhi, India.

世界no.1のインディアン・フュージョン・ベリーダンサー, Colleena ShaktiをフューチャーしたTwiggy Twiggy by nanaco satoの映像第2弾。iTunes他で配信中!!! BUY "TWIGGY TWIGGY" and "twiggy twiggy (remixed by FREEMAN)

90年代の渋谷系音楽シーンから全世界へと解き放たれたあの名曲"Twig­gy Twiggy" 作者であるnanaco( 佐藤奈々子)による初のセルフ・カヴァ
An improvised performance by Pushkar based dancer, Colleena Shakti, at Castle Mandava for Royal families gathered at a beautiful evening celebration in Nov. 2011. Inspired by North Indian, Persian and Sufi movements, Colleena improvises a 'pranam', a greeting for the Divine.

"Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."
― Rumi
Интернет журнал о танце Tribal Fusion:
Trying to demonstrate to Udaipur artists how classical or traditional training creates an incredible skill set and talent bank for fusion work and improvisational creativity. This Feb 16 Shakti Sunday film shows a brilliant collaboration of Colleena Shakti, a gypsy dance virtuoso, Kalaripayattu artists and Mallakhamb aerial performers. See producer Phil Tapp's other extraordinary offerings at

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On the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami, Colleena offered her dance to Guru and devotees in a private estate...immersed in the playful young love of Radha Rani and Lord Krishna. Odissi classical Indian dance.

Интернет журнал о танце Tribal Fusion:
Duet by Colleena Shakti (Director of Shakti School of Dance, Rajasthan) and Nirod Dehury (Instructor of Odissi Classical Dance) at Pushkar's annual TEMPLE DANCE FESTIVAL 2009.
Rajasthan based, Indian dancer Colleena Shakti does a solo in the 2012 production of 'Pranam in White'. Sponsored in part by a Zellerbach grant, artists: Stellamara, Miriam Peretz and Aliah Najmabadi came together to create a unique expression of what the word 'pranam' means to them. 'Pranam' is a sanskrit word referring to a reverential salutation or greeting, 'in white' being the un named divine. A multi faith collaboration of worldly music and dance. For more info on Colleena Shakti, visit: www.coll
Colleena Shakti from Rajasthan, India performs a Pallavi on Raag Megh from the repertoire of Odissi Classical Indian Dance. Filmed in Vancouver, Canada November 2014. Choreography by Ratikant Mohapatra.
Fuse the World 2014 拾舞味
Choreographer/ Performer: Colleena Shakti (USA)

AbunDance Fusion Production (Taiwan)
AbuDance Fusion FB Page:

Stellamara performs "Aman" at the Marin Civic Center, featuring Colleena Shakti.
The heavenly dancer, the live Apsara of 21st century Colleena Shakti in her Indian tribal fusion dance. The dancer of breathtaking beauty and great inspiration, she also is one of the greatest conoisseurs of the Indian dancing traditions, and it is seen in her every performance. // Небесная танцовщица, живая Апсара 21го века, Колина Шакти в индийском трайбл-фьюжн танце. Она невероятно красива, её танец всегда вдохновляет, а кроме того, Колина - один из самых серьёзных знатоков индийского танца, и это видно

Pieza integrante del espectáculo "Todos Somos Siria"
26 Junio de 2016, Teatro Tomás y Valiente de Fuenlabrada
Dirección: Patricia Passo
Pieza integrante del espectáculo "Todos Somos Siria"
26 Junio de 2016, Teatro Tomás y Valiente de Fuenlabrada
Dirección: Patricia Passo
Tribal Fusion Express Showcase2016 - AROUND THE WORLD -

Tribal Fusion Express Dance Festival
Rome 2-3-4-5 June 2016
Never has there been an artist to capture the essence of dance with such grace and respect as Colleena Shakti. She has been living in India for the past 15 years, studying Odissi and Rajasthani dance and using these art forms to express it on stage around the world through her own unique dance form called Fusion. Her mind is focused on higher aspirations - transcending the mundane, living beyond the ordinary. It's not the form of the dance that captures the audience when watching Colleena, but her thirst fo
Bwitchs International Fusion Festival was held on Women's Day weekend.
The vision being to bring together and grow the bellydance community such that we find our strength, camaraderie and ways to shift perceptions towards this dance form such thats its respected, celebrated and embraced universally.

Varied profound acts graced the Grand Gala Night.
World and India renowned teachers showcased the authenticity, beauty and power of this art form!

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Colleena Shakti performs on the Queen Mary Ship in Long Beach, CA 2011.
'Somadjo" featuring the pure divine grace of Colleena Shakti! [Live recording from LIB ]
[This is sneak preview of a song on a track from our upcoming 2016 CD release]
Instrumental composition and arrangement by eO, vocals by Sonja Drakulich.
If you enjoy this music, also check out eO's page if you are not yet familiar with his brilliance:
Colleena performs at Theater of the Gran Via in Madrid in RED LOTUS. A collaborative show with Patricia Passo and Colleena Shakti 2009.
The beauty of Bali - the joy of dance!
Join us for the 4th Colleena Shakti Indian Fusion Dance Retreat in Bali:
LASYA ATTAR ~ The essence of Feminine Grace!
"Lover Pining"
Indian Fusion Belly Dance

Performed by Colleena Shakti 2012
at the Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive (LVBDI)
Music by: Bismallah Khan
Sharon Kihara + Zoe Jakes + Colleena Belly Dance Trio.
This starts with Sharon, then the Trio act, then Zoe dances with her vase.

This is the fu...
Amazing & perfect Colleena Shakti at Raqs Tribal Anniversary
10 years of tribal in Poland
18th June 2016, Cracow, Poland
Retiro de Danza Fusión India. 16 horas de entrenamiento profesional de danza con Colleena Shakti desde Rajasthan, India

30 Septiembre, 1 y 2 Octubre 2016. Santiago - Chile

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