Colgates Quest (Part 2) - In The Wilderness смотреть онлайн

Colgates Quest (Part 2) - In The Wilderness

Download Link - [Coming Soon!]

Part 2 of Colgates Quest is here! That's right guys, the story continues!

In the previous part we saw Colgate upset and confused about who she is and where she belongs, so she left down to go on a journey to try and find out who she is..

Now, we join Colgate 'In The Wilderness' as she continues her journey to find her true place!


Yes, this is out of our comfort zone, it's electronic and auto tune.. something we don't normally touch.. but hey, WHY NOT!? xD

If you hadn't worked out, Colgates Quest is the massive 5 part song we spoke about a while ago. Each part will be different from the previous, varying in style, tempo and genre.

We hope you enjoy this track and that you stick around for Part 3.. coming soon!



Running away