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Cody Lockwood

Old meets new in this confab of left over goodies
Old meets new in this confab of extra goodies

Mano A Mano 2017: Mini Ramp Game of SKATE
Round 1 - Cody Lockwood vs. Tristan Rennie

Mano A Mano, the worlds first Mi...
Straight out of the wilds of the Pacific Northwest comes long-haired concrete terror Cody Lockwood for a CCS Trick Mix. With a healthy dose of coping skill mixed with an equally as versatile range of trickery on street, Cody is the definition of an all terrain machine. Check out this short Trick Mix of Cody as he demonstrates his reputation.
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We don't usually concern ourselves with the negativity spewed on the internet's vast message boards. However, since Cody Lockwood himself hated on the song we picked for his footage we figured, we ought to oblige him and swap out the song. Here's an edit with a new song. Melodic Doom Metal VS Sludge Metal, which do you like better? Vote here:

To go along with Cody's interview in issue #48 of Lowcard, he's put together a sick video for everyone to enjoy.
The Axl Rose of skateboarding strikes again..

filmed by: Daniel Evans
additional filming: Cory Williams, Tristan Brillanceau-Lewis, and Dylan Bunnell
music: "Frost Hammer" by High on Fire

The Converse Concrete Jam has become the rowdiest part of the Tampa tradition and this year Jenkem added flames, booty shaking and a Plexiglas part...
Cody Lockwood loves skating Burnside, it is his all time favorite place to skate. Find out his second favorite place to skate, the best skate trip he has ever been on and much more between transition tricks in this My Five.

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In the second phase of "5 for 5" the focus is on the pools, bowls and parks of the world — no rails, stairs or gaps here. The format, however, remains the same: Five skaters drop five tricks each, and we drop their edits once a week.

Here we have five heavy hits from one Cody Lockwood, a Portland export and all-terrain skateboarder with transition skills for days. Lockwood spends his time off the board building parks with the Dreamland crew, which means tranny
Cody Lockwood steady pushing the limits at Burnside and finding time to switch tre in them streets. True Mag Minute ripper right here. Filmed and edited by Daniel Evans. Gary Responds To Your SKATELINE Comments Tom Knox Vase Part Gabriel Summers Board slide Mikey Taylor double kink rail attempt hits face on tree Cody Lockwood 20 Stair Rail Feeble Slam
Mano A Mano 2017: Mini Ramp Game of SKATE
Final Four: Erick Winkowski vs. Cody Lockwood

Mano A Mano, the worlds first...
Cody flexes his guns on transition and the street, saving the final blast for a wild move at Burnside.

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Mano A Mano 2017: Mini Ramp Game of SKATE
Round 2 - Cody Lockwood vs. Dave Bachinsky

Mano A Mano, the worlds first Mi...
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Cody Lockwood took a monthlong break from his Oregon environs this summer and filmed enough footage for an amazing part and interview in issue #151. The Lifeblood Pro's day job is making skaters' dreams come true with Dreamland Skateparks, and it shows: in "All At Once" he skates bowls like he has some deeper understanding of their structures and the labor involved.

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Cody Lockwood's part in Lifeblood's Skateboard's second full-length video, "Service For The Sick."
Самая информативная группа о скейтбординге:
Potrero session when Cody Lockwood nailed the cover of issue #52!
Also featuring Nick Peterson, Andrew Adams, Frank Shaw, Mason Merlino, and Danny Tumai

music: Jimi Hendrix "Bold as Love" (instrumental)
filmed by: Tadashi and Daniel Evans