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Elena Gilbert
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"...i will find you in a burning sky, where the ashes rain in your mind..."

Don't mention the song!


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♥Seddie Pairing♥ Sam and Freddie LOVE
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I'm ready for the premiere of the final season.
And I'm really looking forward to a couple Theo&Malia.
This song always associated with them.


Hello everyone ♥
No, I'm not really back. I haven't done my exams yet. But I just couldn't stay this all time without making a video.
While I was way, I got to see two dramas, Playful Kiss and Operation Proposal. I didn't like Playful Kiss. In fact, it was a bit boring. Maybe because I've seen better dramas, so I expect other dramas to be as good as the others. The other drama I saw was just magnificent, brilliant, lovely, and AMAZING! I cried so much while watching this drama. So much! But I also l
"I know death takes a bit longer but I don't want to be cruel , I promise you will feel no pain ..."
720p H-D ( or your eyes will burn )
[ For Nastasiya Plato ]
●Hey ! So I've do it again , It's really weird , sensitive soul be careful , it's about Darkness It's about death and it's about fear .... Their is blood and their is also many effect who completely drive me crazy at the end ! I'm sorry it took me so long to publish another video but you know exams stuff and all , by the way the rendering
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• Song : A drop in the ocean by Ron Pope [Live at Flux Studios in New York]

||Asked by Adria very long time ago, now it's a time to fulfill my promise to a Friend of mine.||

• Fandom: Hawaii Five-0

• Character[s]: Steve McGarrett Danny Williams,

• Ship: McDanno

• Reason: A résumé of McDannolicious moments from the episode 3x14, Hana I Wa 'Ia.

Plus it's a good excuse to celebrate in a special way my 1100+ subs
Neymar ● Invisible - The Chainsmokers - Closer ● Crazy Skills & Goals 2017 HD
♥Seddie Pairing♥ Sam and Freddie LOVE
I really can't be asked to make a description for either channel yet so let me just say the bare mininum (don't think i spelt that write lol). Anyw...

don't forget to credit me! hope u like it :*
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It was like week of crossovers for me :D (and you know, another crossover from me is coming)
It all was really fun and enjoyable. And i'm soooooo freaking glad about all that work. Special thanks to these amazing and talented girls:

subs to them, i promise you won't regret it ;)

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by d̲a̲r̲k̲ ̲
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I want to thank you all so much for 1k subs!!!

Hope you like it and thanks for watching!

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»And I swear I know the face
I just don't know who you are...«

I feel like this line was made for the movie.
Here's finall...
1080p. YAS. But more importantly, THANK YOU TO THE 200+ SUBSCRIBERS~!!! HOLY COW. I'm glad so many of you enjoy the vids insofar, I hope you enjoy ...

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This AMV is my gift for you haine-chan :) Toivottavasti pidät siitä ^^ Toivotan myös hyvää joulua ja onnellista uutta vuotta sinulle :D

Ja tosiaan jos haluat, niin voitaisiin tehdä collab yhdessä :) minulla alkaa kohta joululoma, niin aikaa riittää. ^^


Song: Closer To You
Artist: Adelitas Way
Anime: Guilty Crown
Pairing: Shu x Inori
Песня - Hayley Kiyoko - Cliffs Edge
Программа - Sony vegas pro 12
Fandom - Riverdale
I've saved more action at the end on this time! Okay, so, I started to do this vid at the last week and finally it's ready. I don't normally do such a long vid like this one. It's almost 4 minutes, OMG xD anyway, I hope u like it. Comments are welcome :)

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● Another Scolia vid? I know. I'm sorry, but i'm fucking love this shipp. Sorry for take so long to post anything. I'm so busy with school, and i was one week without internet. And i was trying to use all clips in hd, but i can't download anything, so i ask sorry, guys.
PS: Sorry about that crapy manip :P i'm no one AerisVideos

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At first put 720p HD!

Hi everybody!!!
Well, here another dark!stydia video! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! really... im obsessed with them!! if you need to know somehting about me...
im not stydia team, IM DARK!STYDIA TEAM!!! :3 dark is my passion LOL.
Whatever.... i know is not my best AU of them, but anyway... hope you like it & enjoy it :3
Thanks for always making a smile in my face, guys! You are awesome & i love you so much! REALLY THANKS! soon, i will upload a gifts