Clarence Boddicker: Clarence Boddicker - Live in FM Club 02.09.2012, CLARENCE BODDICKER @ GIG HOUSE 20.10.12, robocop vs clarence boddicker drug factory scene,

Clarence Boddicker

Clarence Boddicker - Live in FM Club, Moscow, Russia 02.09.2012
sludge/doom from Moscow, Russia

Съёмка и монтаж WTFstudio

CSBR GIG HOUSE Sludge версия

Roswell Surgery

Without God

days of our mutation

Clarence Boddicker
boddicker and his henchmen killed alex j hes been remade into robocop by bob mortan and his team at security concepts.robocop finds out about his killer and sets out to find them in the old warehouse.
Live From Nizhny Novgorod, 14th april 2012.
Clarence Boddicker - Live in Rubilnya, Moscow 01.05.2012
sludge metal from Moscow
Live @ CSBR 20.12.2012

Clarence Boddicker (Sludge/Stoner/Doom)

Bone Machinist (Sludgecore/St. Peterburg)

Magnetic TarTrap (Death metal/Sludge)

Days Of Our Mutation (Sludge/Stoner)
Clarence Boddicker - Live in Gig House, Moscow, Russia 15.12.2012
sludge/doom from Moscow
Clarence Boddicker is a sludge/doom band from Moscow


Clarence Boddicker - Live in Fortezza Club, Moscow, Russia 25.11.2012 [set 2]
sludge/doom from Moscow, Russia

В том числе и стэйдж-дайвинг от драммера СХ... На фесте:
Clarence Boddicker - Live in Cheshirskiy Kot, Moscow, Russia 01.09.2012
sludge/doom from Moscow, Russia
клуб Улитка на Склоне
Clarence Boddicker - Live in Fortezza Club, Moscow, Russia 25.11.2012 [set 1]
sludge/doom from Moscow, Russia