Chuck Testa: Chuck Testa rap video - Cant touch this!, Chuck Testa - MC Hammer ReMiX , It's Chuck Testa time .. Nope., NOPE! It's Chuck Testa!, NOPE! Just

Chuck Testa

Shiiitttt , you every wish you could bring you cat back to life so you can feed it jalapenos and beer? WHO DOESNT?! Well that shit aint happenen fag, BUT I got the next best thing, this fuckin hick Chuck "IMA Stuff the shit" Testa. Peep his rap video showing you his gift. Hit him up if you need a pussy stuffed!
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This commercial was created by YouTubers Rhett and Link ( as part of their TV show Commercial Kings on IFC. Watch the full episode to see how the commercial was made HERE:

Turn on transcribe audio and go to 0:29 LOOL.

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Chuck Testa
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Решили порадовать вас крутым баянчиком)
Official Ojai Valley Taxidermy TV Commercial
Seasons greetings from Chuck, Rhett and Link
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Chuck Testa, a remarkable taxidermist and inspiring camouflageur, explains his age-old skinning secrets in song. He is aided by an astonished choir of children, who accidentally harmonize in wonder at his illusory powers.

Rhett & Link made the ad on their show on IFC.  
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Cool chuck Testa REMIX SE REMIX 1 HERE:

You probably thought this was madness. Nope!

I bet you thought this video description was important.

NOPE! It's just Chuck Testa.

So yeah, this is my first YouTube Poop. Turned out pretty well I think. I dunno if I'll be making any more though, because this one took a lot longer than I was expecting, and by the end I was pretty pissed off at Sony Vegas for crashing every 30 seconds.

EDIT: Wow guys, thanks for all the feedback! Now I feel kinda bad, because honestly I don't deserve all the credit. My roommate and another frien
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All the best photoshopped photos of the legendary Chuck Testa

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Chuck Testa Interrupts The Emperor
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A Day in the life of Chuck Testa.
A Special thanks to Karla Eberlein, Claire Eggers and Danielle Angel for the filming and editing of the video.
Just wanted to say a big thanks for the overwhelming response since the commercial went viral.
Chuck Testa has had a recurring dream for over 20 years. Good Mythical Morning Season 2 Episode 22! **** SUBSCRIBE for daily episodes: ****

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Special Thanks to Chuck Testa and Ojai Valley Taxidermey for chatting with us. Check out Chuck's Youtube channel!

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Chuck Testa, a taxidermist from Ojai Valley is coming to Skyrim to taxidermize the animals and creatures that live there.

The second part of this video is a full parody of the last part in the commercial from Chuck Tes
Chuck Testa shows us his taxidermied Gabe Newell
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CIA & CDC agents party down with Chuck Testa and a horde of zombies in the post-apocalyptic neighborhood of Nuketown, Nevada.
пейте портвейн ребята
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Schmoyoho's new song is badass so I did an instrumental / guitar cover of it. This one's a little different than the others I've done, let me know what kind you like better.

Chuck Testa Claus spends some time with Rhett & Link's kids. Watch the whole Christmas Special!

Thanks Chuck!
A funky rearrangement of "Chuck Testa", originally songified by Schmoyoho/The Gregory Brothers. Their Channel:

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You probably thought this deer was alive,
And this coyote was alive,
and this pheasant
I'm Batman!
NOPE Chuck Testa
By Popular Demand, Chuck Testa actually raps for the first time and records his first Music video with local Rapper Sabotage.,
Original Songification by Schmoyoho:

Original Chuck Testa TV ad:

Original Kids React episode:

Thanks for watching my piano cover! Sorry about the bad audio quality, I'll be getting a better camera soon.