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Кристофер Янг, старший вице-президент компании Cisco по безопасности группы рассказывает о своем воспитании и почему семья и друзья очень важны для него. Узнайте, чем он больше всего гордится как лидер.
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Call of Duty - Black Ops 2 (II) - Jack Wall - Official soundtrack.OST.+ Bonus(ZOMBIES). -

Sinister - Christopher Young - Theme Sinister(original). Soundtrack.OST. -
Full list soundtracks(Edited Version) -

Murder In The First Soundtrack Christopher Young - Download this and more original piano sheet music arrangements (PDF and MIDI) from movies, tv, and video games.

New videos now in wide-screen!

Also check out the shorter version of this piece, "Missing Flowers."

Music Composed by Christopher Young
Set It Off (1996)

Это уже версия композитора Кристофера Янга, как мы видим, ну т.е. слышим - первая треть темы Elfmana осталась не тронутой, а вот остальные две трети - дело рук Янга!) К слову, эта мелодия мне нравиться не меньше Эльфмановских!)
****Download this track here:

This is an alternate version of "Birth of Sandman" composed by Christopher Young.

**The music in this video is not my property, rather that of Christopher Young and Sony Music.
Ребят, что за темка Кристофера Янга тут играет?)
Восставший из ада | Hellraiser | 1987

Размер 1024 x 576, не сжатый DVD-кадр.
Christopher Young´s Spiderman III World Premier in concert, celebrated during the 2nd edition of FIMUCITÉ (Tenerife International Film Music Festival). The composer Diego Navarro conducted the Tenerife Film Orchestra Choir, performing for the first time an orchestral suite of this fantastic soundtrack. Estreno mundial en concierto de la banda sonora de Spiderman III escrita por Christopher Young, celebrado durante la segunda edición de FIMUCITÉ (Festival Internacional de Música de Cine de Tenerife). El compositor Diego Navarro dirige a la Tenerife Film Orchestra Choir, interpretando por primera vez en concierto una suite orquestal de esta fantástica banda sonora.

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Music Composed by Christopher Young; Conducted by Diego Navarro; Performed by The Tenerife Film Orchestra and Choir. Recorded in July 2008 at fimucité2 (Tenerife International Film Music Festival, Canary Islands, Spain). For information purpose only.

Written and performed by Christopher D. Walker, "The Tragedy of a Young Soldier" is a story-driven piece for solo timpani. The score is available f...
Great work one of the greatest film composers :)
The film is not worse too)
Composer: Christopher Young
Film: Creation
Year: 2009
Kenny Dies
Christopher Young
Hard Rain (1998)

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iTunes: http:...

The Truck Heist
Christopher Young
Hard Rain (1998)

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Venom's theme from Spider-man 3 (2007) by Christopher Young. One of my personal favorite themes composed for the Spider-man Universe so far, Young's music suits the character of Venom perfectly, especially the comic book version (hence why I completely discarded Spider-man 3-Venom from the pictures).

Hope you enjoy!

The Jail Cell (Part 2)
Christopher Young
Hard Rain (1998)

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The Church Attack
Christopher Young
Hard Rain (1998)

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The Cow
Christopher Young
Hard Rain (1998)

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Dave Franco, Dominic Monaghan, Christopher Mintz Plasse arrive at 15th Annual Young Hollywood Awards Redcarpet Aug 01, 2013 - The Broad Stage - Santa Monica, California, United States

julia laudano soprano singing this song again at a mothers day concert in london, and got to meet a professional opera singer!
Играющие композиции "Main Titles" и "Harry attacks Peter"

The Cemetery
Christopher Young
Hard Rain (1998)

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Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
OST from movie The Monkey King 2 2016.
Composed by Christopher Young. Enjoy.
Great score. Here are tracks 1-6.
1-main title
2-someone's in the kitchen
5-who's on the roof

I don't own the rights. Just sharing with fellow fans so if you want this removed, just let me know. I encourage fans to buy the complete soundtrack if they can track it down.
"Once you see him, nothing can save you."
Sinister - Christopher Young - Sinister. Soundtrack.OST (Edited). -

Questions and Answers -

Trailer song, music, soundtrack. Game Collection (Action&Shooter). -
These are two cues from the additional score Spider-man 2 (2004) composed by Christopher Young. "The Train Sequence Part 1" and "The Train Sequence Part 2", both of these used in, you guessed it, the train sequence.

**This music is not my property
The Jet Ski Chase (Part 2)
Christopher Young
Hard Rain (1998)

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1. The Fly II (0:00)
2. Come Fly with Me (1:53)
3. Fly Variations (4:27)
4. Musica Domestica Metastasis (10:51)
5. The Spider and the Fly (18:14)
6. More is Coming (19:49)
7. The Fly March (23:25)
8. Accelerated Brundle Disease (27:37)
9. Bay 17 Mysteries (31:55)
10. Bartok Barbaro (34:35)
11. What's the Magic Word? (39:53)
12. Dad (44:53)

The Fly II Soundtrack - Christopher Young (1989)

I suite I edited together for the crazy kids on the youtubes.

Christopher Young showcases his brilliance of mixing terrifying terror and gothic beauty into his horror scores with his classic "Hellraiser" score. He would go on to build on this ability with "Drag Me To Hell", The Fly II", "The Uninvited" and "Priest" for the years to come.

I do not own the rights to this music. This is for entertainment purposes only.
Эх, сейчас бы палочки поподбрасывать
Christopher Cross - Angry Young Men

Artist: Paul Oakenfold
Album: Swordfish
Label: London-Sire Records
Release Date: 05 Jun 2001
Genre: Electronic

Paul Oakenfold & Chris...
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Исповедь (Christopher Young - Sinister)
Original theme music from The Hellraiser movie. Composed by Christopher Young, released on Hellraiser Soundtrack (1987).

Clive Barker originally commissioned a soundtrack for Hellraiser from the industrial band Coil. The music they supplied was rejected, and Christopher Young provided a more traditional orchestral score for the finished movie.
Epic Bass Tuba playing, including beatbox and didgeridoo style playing
Main Titles done by Christopher Young. A very good version, but Elfman putted more soul (and drums) to his versions, sad. But Chris did a good job in here. Enjoy!!! Please watch in HD.
Видео расположено в группе: ХЛОЯ МОРЕТЦ
W.A. Mozart: Klavierkonzert K 459 F-Dur
Christoph Eschenbach, piano
Hambourg Philarmonisches - cond. Wilhelm Brückner
Finale (III mov) here:
LP Somerset

Hard Rain (Main Title)
Christopher Young
Hard Rain (1998)

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Artist: Paul Oakenfold
Album: Swordfish
Label: London-Sire Records
Release Date: 05 Jun 2001
Genre: Electronic

Paul Oakenfold Christopher Young - Dark Machine
Time: (7:35)
Info Source:

Video Info:
Winamp MilkDrop Plug-in
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Species Soundtrack (1995)
Music Composed by Christopher Young

01. Species (0:00)
02. A Vibrant Slime (3:44)
03. Protostar (7:18)
04. Ring Nebula (10:16)
05. Fever (15:45)
06. Are You Out There Somewhere? (18:15)
07. Species Feces (23:32)
08. Bax Max (28:01)
09. Milky Way Breasts (31:45)
10. Safe Sex (36:39)
11. Fever's Fever (39:17)
12. The Alien Underground (42:58)
13. Worm Hole (46:55)
14. Son Of Sil (49:21)
15. Star Bright (51:16)
16. Aetherian Universe (56:30)
17. Ho
Performing some scenes of the Channel 4 Mini-Series "The Gravy Train", when he was in his early 30s.
Here's a clip of a very young Christopher Walken.

Walken is, of course, best known for his roles in such seminal films as A View to a Kill, Heaven's Gate and Joe Dirt.

Walken would have been about 27 years old when this episode was shot.

It is clear that Walken's talent and definitive acting style were already firmly in place even then. He is so good that, like many good actors, he raises the game of everyone around him. Case in point series star Jack Lord. Lord, an actor whose perform
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