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After more than two years of no inspiration and almost no guitar playing, my inspiration got back, I've been playing guitar every day the last week, this is true therapy for my soul and a way for me to express my feelings
“I love being on tour, but I really hate the part when it comes to decide clothes and packing!😁 #deadbyapril #rebel8 #vans #tour”
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Blaze Bailey "fear of the dark" at downtown rockbar!👊🏼 #blazebailey #iron maiden #fearofthedark #downtownrockbar #falkenberg”
“Cant wait 'till the new album is out!!! Untill then "the mongos" are doing what they do best, being mongos✌️ @deadbyapril_official #themongos #deadbyapril…”
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"Shores of Kattegatt" @fredrikstrandquist
Footage of Sonic Syndicate's first gig with new harsh vocalist Christoffer Andersson at het Bolwerk in Sneek, The Netherlands.
Playing the song Burn This City.
For info on Richard's leaving :
Nicolai Gedda talks to Roger Wågsjö about voice technique for Tamino and about Boris Christoff and Birgit Nilsson

Music video for the Norwegian musician Lasse Passage. Featured song is the A-side of the 7-inch "Say Say Say". Available in a limited edition of 300 handmade copies.
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Actors: Eldar Skar, Thea Borring Lande, Valentina Alexeeva

Directed by: Lars Aandheim Christoffer Lossius
DOP: Espen Gulbrandsen
Editor: Espen Gulbrandsen Lars Aandheim
Production design: Silje Marie Vinje
SFX makeup: Magnus Kjellsen Hjeldnes
Post production: Mathias Theissen/ Hocus Focus
"Horizon" is an original lap tapping piece, composed and performed by Christoffer Brandsborg.

Visit Christoffer Brandsborg on:


Music video by Christoff performing Kerstmis Vier Je Niet Alleen. (C) 2015 Top Act Music, a division of Universal Music Belgium

The incredible voice of Bulgarian bass Boris Christoff singing the Song of the Volga Boatmen.

London, 1959.
Chasing Rhythms - Christoffer Brandsborg Acoustic Guitar
"Chasing Rhythms" was my first lap tapping composition.

Tuning: FACFCF

Tabs available here:

And also, if many people are interested in a video tutorial I can make it! Leave a comment under here if you are interested!

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Vube: ht

Faust: Act I, Scene XIII
Aria of Méphistophélès: Le veau d'or est toujours debout (Song of the Golden Calf)

Recorded: September-October 1958 at Salle de Mutualité and December 1958 at Église Saint-Roch, Paris

Gedda, de los Angeles, Blanc, Berton, Gorr, Autran

Orchestre et Choeur du Théâtre National de l'Opéra
André Cluytens, conductor

EMI (P) 1959, (C) 2003

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I propose this one as the audio quality is better.
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Christoffer Källqvist ( Goalkeeper ) Brilliant Nuts ! Marcus Ekenberg
Christoffer Källqvist ( Goalkeeper ) Brilliant Nuts ! Marcus Ekenberg

О любви говорить все сложнее. Особенно в кино. Экранные чувства становятся все банальнее, традиционное психологическое кино повторяется. Новатор и концептуалист Бое предпринимает в своей дебютной ленте радикальный шаг: шел мужчина по улице, увидел женщину - и сразу понял, что ее любит. А она - его. Как аксиома. Дальнейшее - попытки реконструировать ее неведомые источники.

ARTмосферное кино.
Braden Christoffer vs Ryan Lomberg from the Edmonton Oilers at Calgary Flames game on Sep 26, 2016.
.Смотрите лучшие моменты НХЛ на нашей странице:

Here is amazing footage of the great bass (and my favourite singer) Boris Christoff in the recording of Mussorgsky's Boris Godunov. You ask yourself where that subterranean rumble comes from!

Психолог Jason Christoff спорт для рабов придумала элита
PercusienFa is a lap tapping song, composed by Erik Mongrain.
The tuning is FACFCF.

This version is not exactly the same as the original, but like Erik Mongrain says "25 % structure, 75 % improvisation".

I hope you like this cover! It would be great if you took your time to comment, and share this video on Facebook or whatever:)

Thanks for watching:)
Christoffer Søgaard sampler. mine spring fra november 2010 til juni 2011.
i filmen vil du se strakte fullfull's, tripler, fullin triff og nogle millere :D alt det gode stuff jeg lærte på Vesterlund Efterskole!
Tumbling 2013 i Outrup GUB, Springer: Christoffer Søgaard, Gammel elev fra Vesterlund efterskole 10/11.
har ikke været ude med noget rigtigt siden, så tænkte nu ville jeg prøve at begynde at smide lidt video ud igen!
Primært springtræninger blandet med forskellige opvisninger og konkurrencer!

Music - Macklemore - Can't hold us
Песня Варяжского гостя, САДКО
alias Song of the Viking Guest, Sadko
Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov, music and lyrics
Philharmonia Orchestra
Issay Dobrowen, conductor
Recorded 04.05.1950, HMV

О скалы грозные дробятся с ревом волны
И, с белой пеною крутясь, бегут назад.
Но твёрдо серые утесы выносят волн напор
Над морем стоя.

От скал тех каменных у нас, варягов, кости,
От той волны морской в нас кровь-руда пошла.
А мысли тайны от туманов,
Мы в море
Christoffer Boe - 2003/ music - Basiński from melancholica/ few climatic frgments
Чемпионат Мира по греко-римской борьбе 2011
84 кг, 1/8 финала
UrBand Camp feat Barents 2012 / Arkhangelsk

UBC Tribute Band: The Week (by Christoffe Stangness)

Eirik Jonassen Fjelde / synth (Norway);
Håkon Skog Erlandsen / saxophone (Norway);
Nikolay Kulikov / guitar (Russia);
Jonas Karlsen / drums (Norway);
Christoffer Stangness / bass (Norway).

Peter Menshikov / video.

© UrBand Camp festival.
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Eric Robinson

Here is the great Bugarian bass Boris Christoff in two excerpts from a recital he gave with Hans Rosbaud, piano. The concert was part of the Festival d'Aix en Provence in 1955.

1. "Cosi amor mi fai languir" - Alessandro Stradella
2. "Come raggio di sol" - Antonio Caldara

UEG Official - 2014 European Championships in Guimaraes (POR). Tumbling, Men's junior Qualifications. Christoffer Scherrebeck (DEN) -- Pass 1 : 30.500 (Execution : 26.400, Difficulty : 4.10). Pass 2 : 29.600 (Execution : 26.100, Difficulty : 3.50). Total : 60.100. Rank : 17
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This version is arranged by Kelly Valleau.
Tuning: Drop D (DAEGBE)

"Titanium" is a song by French DJ and music producer David Guetta, featuring vocals by Australian recording artist Sia. Taken from the former's fifth studio album, Nothing but the Beat, the song was written by Sia Furler, Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort and Afrojack. Production was also handled by Guetta, Tuinfort and Afrojack. "Titanium" was initially released for digital download on August 8, 2011, as the first of four promotional singles from

Arla by Christoffer von Reis & Niclas Larsson DOP. Niklas Johansson, FSF Prod. Camp David Film
Astounding work from the oktavist on this recording down to F#1. I suspect this may be the same Bulgarian oktavist we have heard with the Kaval Choir. This is the Choir of the Alexander-Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was released by EMI in 1978, but presumably released earlier on an undated LP in Bulgaria.
Sur la scène du théâtre des Champs Elysées, interview du chanteur d'opéra Boris CHRISTOFF qui s'apprête à retrouver le public parisien dans le rôle de Boris Godounov. Accompagné par l'orchestre de la société des concerts du conservatoire, il chante quelques minutes de Boris Godounov.
"Interference of Mind II" is one of my original lap tapping compositions. It is a new version of my old "Interference of Mind".
Tuning: CGCGCE

I have uploaded this video on a competition, and I would be really thankful if you could go to this link and vote for this song (just press the like button)


Tabs for "Interference of Mind" (old version):
part I of II: Here is the Bulgarian bass performing the death scene from Mussorgsky's "Boris Godunov". Filmed in London, 1959.
Boris Christoff in the death scene from Mussorgsky's Boris Godunov.

Vienna, 1980s.
Первая часть

В этом видео г-на Jason Christoff с Канады
На многая лета!

Благоденственное и мирное житие,
здравье же и спасенние,
и во всем благое поспешение!

Подажд, Господи,
благочестивому и православному болгарскому народу
и сохрани его на многая лета!

Orchestra e coro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. - Firenze, 26.05.1951
"Wicked Games" - Fingerstyle Arrangement

Performed Arranged by Christoffer Brandsborg
Originally composed by Chris Isaak.

I used Shaun Bartlett's performing of this song to make this arrangement, I tried to get it similar to his performance on The Voice Norway!

Give me some feedback, let me know what you think!

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Муз. тема из игры "Silent Hill" в исполнении двух братьев из Швеции.
Tagir Khaybulaev (RUS) - Christoffer Holmgaard (DEN) [-100kg]
Judo 2011 World Championships Paris
Complete judo information and thousands of categorized judo video's of all major tournaments since 1961 user-friendly indexed by tournament on
Christopher på besøg i Christoffers EftermiddagsEskapader på Radio MOJN, onsdag d. 21/3 år 2012

Lyt med hver eftermiddag fra kl 15, mandag til fredag<br/><br/>
Boris Christoff and Raffaele Arié sing "Il Grande Inquisitor"
from Don Carlos by Giuseppe Verdi
Wiener Philharmoniker
Nello Santi, conductor
Salzburg Festival 1960
From RAI Telecast (C) RAI 1958. Teatro San Carlo. Naples, 1958
После долгого отсутствия знаменитый пианист Цеттерштрём возвращается из Нью-Йорка в родной Копенгаген, чтобы дать гала-концерт. Этот человек, стремящийся во всем к совершенству, имеет один очень личный порок. У него плохая память на собственное прошлое. Как-то в центре города он знакомится с проводником из таинственной пограничной «зоны». Попав в «зону», пианист смог восстановить в памяти события прошлого, вновь почувствовать пересуды и ложь за спиной, и понять, что же заставило его бежать от его любви к оч
Boris Christoff sings "Veroyu" "Credo"
by Alexander Gretchaninov, (russian orthodox christmas choral)
Choir of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia
Angel Popkonstantinov

This is my remix of "Meg Dia - Monster"
Just made it for fun

Credz to Christian for the movie : D
Christoff heeft een special guest voorzien tijdens het nummer 'She's Jivin' van Guy Swinnen.
Boris Christoff - Filipp II Giulio Neri - Il Grande Inquisitor
Муз. тема из игры "Silent Hil 2" в исполнении двух братьев из Швеции.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
La Betulia Liberata

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf....Amital, noblewoman of Israel
Myriam Pirazzini.........Giuditta, widow of Manasseh
Cesare Valletti..........Ozia, governor of Bethulia
Boris Christoff..........Achior, prince of the Ammonites
Luigia Vincenti..........Cabri e Carmi, populace' chiefs

Orchestra e Coro di Torino della RAI
Maestro del Coro, Ruggero Mughini
Direttore, Mario Rossi
Recording, May 30, 1952, Torino.<br/><br/>
International Powerlifting Federation
World Men's Bench Press Championships
Kaunas / Lithuania 25.05.2013
Весовая категория 105-120 кг.
Braden Christoffer vs Austin Carroll from the Bakersfield Condors at Stockton Heat game on Jan 3, 2016.
⚡ Официальное видео ⚡
© Top Act Music,
a division of Universal Music Belgium
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From "Kung Fury (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)"
All Rights to Christoffer Ling
I do not own any rights
Swordfish 2015 hosted by Göteborgs Historiska Fäktskola
Мой друг очень талантлив! Надеюсь вам тоже это понравится.


Artist: Christoffer Franzen
Song: Beginnings
Album: 'Music For Film & Television, Vol. 2' (2015)
Hometown: Gothenburg, Sweden

Label: Deep Elm Records
Swordfish 2015 hosted by Göteborgs Historiska Fäktskola
Rare footage of Boris Christoff interpreting the grand aria Ella giammai m'amò from Verdi's Don Carlo
Christoffer Edlund utsågs 2014 till Årets man inom svensk bandy. Samma säsong vann han skytteligan i Elitserien för fjärde gången. Han är den som har gjort flest mål under en match, 12 stycken, och näst flest mål på en säsong, 91 stycken. Christoffer Edlund spelade i Sandvikens AIK bandy mellan 2009 och 2014. Inför säsongen 2014-15 flyttade han till ryska mästarklubben Jenisej.
Отличный фильм со скандинавским колоритом от талантливого режиссера.
Christoffer Ljungdahl, DSH, 2nd place
Samuel Lejon, WAD/VDC, 4th place

Disco Solo Champion Adults Male
В этом видео г-на Jason Christoff с Канады

он рассказывает о механизмах влияния спорта на человеческую психику и манипуляцию рабочего класса (рабов) элитой и контроле населения.
Тяжелый физический труд, заботы о доме и детях, мелкие свары с соседями, кино, футбол, пиво и, главное, азартные игры — вот и все, что вмещается в их кругозор. Управлять ими несложно
Джордж Оруэлл — 1984
спасибо за просмотр)

tw-schow : Skam - Мувики, мемы, новости Counter-Strike
Music: Sum 41 -- Underclass Hero
Christoffer Wollter - Yuris beslut (Live @ Nyhetsmorgon)
"Emotions" is a original improvisational lap tapping composition, inspired by my own song "Chasing Rhythms" and Ben Howard´s "Depth Over Distance".

I recorded it for a MySingingMonsters Contest on Vube. I hope you guys will go to this link, and vote for the video by pressing "like". I can win up to 10 000$, so I would be so thankful if you supported me by voting!

Link to Vube-video:

Спасибо нашему бессмертному другу, Алексею Ерёмину, за такой шикарный подгон!!:)
"Demons" - Imagine Dragons
Arranged by Kelly Valleau
Performed by Christoffer Brandsborg

"Demons" is a song written by American alternative rock band Imagine Dragons and record producer Alex da Kid, recorded by the band for their major-label debut extended play Continued Silence. It appears as the second track on the EP. The song also makes an appearance on their debut studio album Night Visions, where it appears as the fourth track. "Demons" was solicited to American triple A radio stations on January 2
Gitte Haenning mit : Ihr Kinderlein kommet,
Michelle mit :Christ, der Retter ist geboren
Gitte Haenning,Michelle,Luisa Deutzmann,Nana Mouskouri,DJ Ötzi,Christoff und Florian Silbereisen mit :Oh du Fröhliche
This is track 9 of the Kung Fury OST extended, Enjoy!
Christmas Songs For Kids | Disney Elsa,Anna & Christoff Singing Jingle Bells | Merry Christmas Song.
Watch Disney Princess Elsa, Anna Christoff and Olaf Singing and dancing to the Christmas Song Jingle Bell Jingle Bell jingle all the way.

Artist: Christoffer Franzen
Song: Lend Me The Courage Of Stars
Album: 'Music For Film & Television, Vol. 2' (2015)
Hometown: Gothenburg, Sweden

Label: Deep Elm Records
Здоров ли Княз?
Zdarov li Knyaz?

Recorded 5 May 1950

Prince Igor by Alexander Borodin
Orchestered by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
он лишился обеих ног и руки под колесами поезда
song: Russian Cfg - Дышать