Christina Aguilera At Etta James Funeral: Christina Aguilera — At Last (Etta James Funeral), Christina Aguilera 'At last" song at Etta James funeral, Christina

Christina Aguilera At Etta James Funeral

R.I.P Etta James. Christina did a wonderful job!
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Christina Aguilera performing at her all time favorite singer, Etta James, funeral

Christina Aguilera singing At Last Tribute to Etta James

как облажалась Кристинка, все те дни ))
Christina Aguilera talks abotu Etta James
when i listened the at last performance by christina aguilera in 2012,it just freaks me out.all her high notes are strained like hell.however,her pervious performances of the same song are much better.she is going downhill.hope she works harder on the vocal techniques.