Children Medieval Band, Denver Coliseum: Children Medieval Band Live - Ich will - Denver Coliseum 2012

Children Medieval Band, Denver Coliseum

а я думал ютуб ничего не значит! смотри это те самые дети которые поиграли раммштайн! теперь они играют у них на разогреве! это капец!!! молодцы!!!

On May 20th 2012, the kids from Children Medieval Band played live as an opening act for the Rammstein show. It was a great audience. The kids performed very well. If we consider their lack of experience on stage, the numerous audience, and also the sound which was very different from what they got used to, their performance was a great A+.
This video doesn't reflect well the quality of the show, but we post it anyway.

We found two other videos from this event, their sound is also not too good, but the picture is better:

Children Medieval Band:
Stefan (10) - voice, guitar, violin
Olga (8.6) - keyboard, voice
Cornelia (6) - drum, voice

We'd like to thank Joe Letz for introducing the kids on