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Lyrics Little By Little-The Chicharones +Nba2k11 Soundtrack
Maculate's music video for his original remix of Chicharones' 'Little by Little".

Remix production (mainly Massive, Logic and Traktor) and video production (Adobe Premiere, After Effects and VDMX) entirely by Maculate.

In addition to featuring live footage from Chicharones, the video also features New Jack Swing Brothers (a dance crew from Tokyo.)

Chicharones - Incognito - 08.01.2012<br/><br/>
Новое видео от проекта Josha Martineza и Sleep'a

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Chicharon na may Laman. Original San Miguel Bulacan recipe. Watch the video for the full tutorial.

Original Chicharon recipe of San Miguel Bulacan

"Easy Lemon" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Directed and Edited by Randall Sykora
Song written and recorded in One day.
Video Shot and Edited in One day.

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Josh Martinez and Sleep w/ DJ Zone (The Chicharones) - Little By Little live in Austin, TX @ Scoot Inn for SXSW on 03/12/08.
Josh Martinez and Sleep are The Chicharon'es. This video is for their single "Surf Rock" from the album When Pigs Fly.' The video was made on a $10...
Director Of Photography: Travis Buffington

1 кг свиных кишок (мыть очень хорошо)
1 литр воды
1 столовая ложка соли
1 столовая ложка черного перца
3-4 лавровых листа
3-4 чашки растительного масла (для жарки)

+ (соус)
3 столовые ложки уксуса
1 зубчик чеснока, измельчить
соль и перец
(Directed by Stuey Kubrick 2012)
Цени Стиль!!!

The official music video for The Chicharones song "Breaking Point" from the album When Pigs Fly.