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Chartjackers - это Британский документальный сериал, производства Hat Trick Productions и по заказу BBC Switch.
Его премьера состоялась в Великобритании 12 сентября 2009 года на BBC Two. Они показывали жизни четырех подростковых видео-блоггеров в течение десяти недель, когда они пытались сочинять, записывать и выпускать поп-песню, с целью "продать 25000 синглов для достижения своей мечты - сингл номер один".
Крута робота..мені подобається.

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The lyrics of the song are made up of YouTube comments, compiled into a song by another YouTuber. The lyrics were released and then YouTubers wrote a melody for the lyrics, and we picked our favourite. We held YouTube auditions vi
Exterminate, Regenerate - this song makes me ejaculate. (c)
This extended episode tells the strange story of how four online video superstars attempted to hijack the charts for charity.

Johnny, Jimmy, Charlie and Alex had just ten weeks to crowd-source a hit single for Children In Need. The Chartjackers were given no money, had no music industry experience, and were not allowed to write, record or perform the single themselves: every aspect - from title to lyrics, from musicians to producers - was blagged from the BBC Switch audience and the wider internet community.

Featuring four ordinary lads from the UK achieving the extraordinary through the power of the internet, it has more singing, more air guitar and more crowd-surfing than should be possible in a Chartjackers episode.
Hi guys!
I just started learning drums yesterday, and i thought i wanted to play along with ChartJackers' 'I've Got Nothing'.

Hope you like it!