Charlie McDonnell - My American Accent: Charlie McDonnell-My Best American Accent, Charlie McDonnel - My American Accent

Charlie McDonnell - My American Accent

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Charlie say :

Hello friend, and welcome to Belated Blogging Week! Usually, I do my best to post a blog about each video of mine that goes up on YouTube, as a little companion for anyone who wants to know a bit more about how the video came to be, and also just about what I've been up to. However, as you may of noticed, I've been slacking a bit recently, falling behind on my writing duties, so I've taken it upon myself to catch up. You're going to be seeing at least FIVE bloggy-wogs appearing before your eyes over the next week, starting right here, right now, with numero uno: My American Accent.

It's probably a good thing that I'm getting the chance to write this blog post with the hindsight of the video having been up for a bit, because before, to me and my friends, it was just an alright video which Charlie made because he was strapped for time -- a video in which he did nothing but talk in a slightly painful American accent for three minutes. I always do my best to