Cee Lo Green - Anyway (Official Video): Cee Lo Green - Anyway (Official Lyric Video), Cee-Lo Green - Anyway (Official Lyric Video), Cee Lo Green - Anyway

Cee Lo Green - Anyway (Official Video)

the official video for 'Anyway', the brand new single from Cee Lo Green which features on the new PLATINUM EDITION of The Lady Killer.
Cee Lo Green - Anyway: The official video with lyrics in the description


I know I'm stingy with my money
And it's hard to get some from me
But you still love me anyway
Your mother seems to like me
But your father wants to fight me
But you still love me anyway
And I take you out on dates
And I always show up late
But you still love me anyway
There's no one else like this
That would put up with my sh-t
And still love me anyway
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