Carousel - Let's Go Home: Carousel - Let's Go Home (Sound Remedy Remix), Semi Precious Weapons Interview & Carousel Perform "Let's Go Home"

Carousel - Let's Go Home

Sound Remedy was one of the first artists I ever promoted on this channel and their popularity really grew since that first upload. Have always loved the songs they chose to remix and it's no different this time. Very uplifting remix of this fantastic song!

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The Lost In My Bedroom Diaries are back. While in SXSW, I got to interview the always fierce Justin Tranter from Semi Precious Weapons and see the amazing duo that is "Carousel" live. You don't want to miss the exclusive details I got from Justin regarding the new Semi Precious Weapons album, their upcoming plans, and new direction. In addition, clips from Carousel's performance of "Dancing on My Own" and "Let's Go Home."<br/><br/>
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PROD. BY SEMIproductions
Directed, Shot, Edited by MIKE IRVING

Carousel - Let's Go Home (C) 2012