Carlos Santana - Europa: Carlos Santana - Europa (1982), Carlos Santana ~ EUROPA , Carlos Santana- EUROPA(1982), Carlos Santana- 1982-EUROPA, Carlos

Carlos Santana - Europa

Гитарист от Бога.
"My job in this life is to give people spiritual ecstasy through music. In my concerts people cry, laugh, dance. If they climaxed spiritually, I did my job. I did it decently and honestly." (Carlos Santana)
Carlos Santana- EUROPA
49--100 Greatest Guitar Solos
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Carlos Santana -- Europa
Carlos Santana Taormina Festival 2011 suona Europa a pochi centimetri da me e verso 3/4 di performance mi regala il plettro con il quale l'ha suonata e poco dopo lo mostro in camera!...nel video si vede anche mio padre che lo segue dal '69 e che mai avrebbe pensato di poterlo vedere dal vivo a distanza di 42 anni e starci quasi accanto...Carlos è stato elegante per tutta la durata del concerto senza aver alcun timore di stare a stretto contatto con la platea che ha riempito la cornice splendida del Teatro Antico di Taormina.Meraviglioso!

Смотри Carlos Santana - Europa просмотров видео 6228. Carlos Santana - Europa видео онлайн бесплатно на Rutube.
Лето здесь :) Зови друзей!!!

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Отличнейшая композиция. Качественно сделанная, играть в меру сложно, но приятно.
Уровень сложности: Medium. Amazing там действительно зверский :)
Performing Carlos Santana's Europa for concert at Imiloa Astronomy Center in Hilo March 19, 2011

Не без косяков конечно))
"Europa" - Performed by Brittni Paiva
Whittier College, Whittier, CA
August 2006

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Известный новосибирский гитарист Артём Соломонов (гитарист группы Красный Берег)

Видео - Джон Домовой
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Carlos Santana - the great tune called Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile) from 1976
year album "Amigos".
Carvin Bolt guitar. Sound processing was made by computer. Comment it please.

Еще один клон Сантановской "Европы"

Sorry, there are some mistakes. I'm just getting nervous in front of the camera.

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Михаил Глинкин - Europa (Carlos Santana cover version) - апрель 2015

great song played by Carlos Santana
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This time I choose true legend Mr. Carlos Santana - Europa.
And, for this cover I used JamVOX Santana presets.
Thanks for watching ...
This is dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Laurene Goodrow, who use to love watching me play this song. For you Mrs. Goodrow, I will never forget you!!

how to play intro europa carlos santana

I present the acoustic version of the wonderful song "Europa" by Carlos Santana.
A guitar arrangement graciously spent Michel Christian (lulumarlu). I invite you to visit his music page.
Je vous présente la version acoustique de l'admirable titre "Europa" de Carlos Santana.
Un arrangement guitare que m'a gracieusement passé Michel Christian (lulumarlu). Je vous invite à visiter sa page musicale :

Bonne écoute,
Thanks to the artist who made this painting!

Оригинальный дуэт... :)
Riccardo interpreta Europa nella versione Gato Barbieri
This is Europa a beautiful & melodious piece by Carlos Santana. My Tribute to the great man.
He plays from within,& reachs outwards & beyond. RAJ BAROT

Carlos Santana - Europa
carlos santana europa live in Mexico

Павел Роговский, ДМШ №6. На концерте Выпускного 28 мая 2012 г.
Europa - Carlos Santana

In the end of the video just my improvisation, I know that it isn´t good, but I don´t remember how it Carlos plays in original song.

I use:
Guitar: Aria Mac-40
Guitar Rig 4 :-)
Jim Dunlop pick

Here is my new version of this song played in my graduation (18.02.2011):


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Эстетический центр & New name
Amplificación: Pod x3 pro
Guitarra: Stratoatleti
Este video me gusta muchisimo en lo personal

Santana -- Europa :: Lyrics :: Santana were founded in the late sixties and came into the spotlight following their appearance at the Woodst...

Carlos Santana - Europa "Live" 2011 Montreux

Booking, Info, CDs and Downloads:

MY FRIENDS !!! Make your own version of the song by downloading the backing track here :,_carlos/europa.htm
and post the video as a response !!! :D

MES AMIS !! Faites votre propre version de cette chanson en téléchargeant le playback ici :,_carlos/europa.htm
et postez votre vidéo en réponse a celle ci !! ^^

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Europa, recorded by Carlos Santana and made famous by Gato. Greg Vail Tenor Saxophone solo and ending, Smooth Jazz Classic. Live Band screams at Steamers in So Cal with a nice smooth jazz favorite in a traditional jazz setting.

Carlos Santana Europa guitar lesson with TABS.

See the COMPLETE TAB here:

Short guitar lesson how to play the original album version of Europa by Carlos Santana.

Watch my other SANTANA videos:




Саундтрек из фильма The Fox, 1967 года
Бросается в глаза сходство с Santana - Europa
Carlos Santana - Europa Tour

Esta canción que es todo un icono del maestro Santana en versión con sax. Compartan con un amigo, comenten y suscribanse :)

Carlos Santana cover. That's not exactly the same as the original piece, but... anyway. Thank you for watching.

Concert in the Palace of Culture "DSS"
(Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine)

Composition: Carlos Santana - Europa
Arrangement: Dmitry Savenko
Performs: The State Academic Symphonic Orchestra of the Zaporozhye Philharmonic Society (Ukraine)
The main conductor: Vyacheslav Redja
The solo, Improvisation: Alexander Ryabchenko (Ryabchik)

Концерт в ДК "Днепроспецсталь"
(Запорожье, Украина)

Композиция: Карлос Сантана - Европа
Аранжировка: Дмитрий Савен
In 1998, Noton, from France, came to USA for the first time to show off the reedless-wireless Cavagnolo "Oddessy" accordion. Since he is a computer expert, he helped in designing this model. Here this talented musician plays a tune, normally not played on an accordion, with his MIDI sound module and a sequence he created. He programmed an upper left-hand chord button for pitch-bend. Nowdays, this is usually programmed as after-touch.
This is my war this!...this is my Vietnam!...Exept!...I Dont have Boms 2 to kill!... I've got Sound!...Sound 2 transform!
We have 2 shoot people with other kinds of bullets and thats MUSIC!

C. Santana

March 3, 2012
"Music Of Spring"
Classic Rock

Composition: Carlos Santana - Europa
Arrangement: Dmitry Savenko
Performs: The State Academic Symphonic Orchestra of the Zaporozhye Philharmonic Society (Ukraine)
The main conductor: Vyacheslav Redja
The solo, Improvisation: Alexander Ryabchenko (Ryabchik)

3 Марта, 2012
"Музыка Весны"
Классика и Рок

Carlos Santana 1987 live concert in Rome @ Palaeur, featured Buddy Miles and Alphonso Johnson, a Videomusic production

Carlos Santana and Gato Barbieri perform Europa Live in Chicago on February 22, 1977
Ben Travers playing Stochello Rosenberg's cover of the beautiful song 'Europa' originally composed by Carlos Santana. Don't forget to check Ben out at: and .

Check our Ben's other video's for some more serious playing!

It is my first cover.
i am sorry for a dirt.
guitar: schecter c1 standard
11 year old guitar player Stefanos Alexiou plays Europa (Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile) by Carlos Santana. Please subscribe, Rate & Comment if you like it...
A year ago he had played a short 3 minute version of Europa. In this video he adds a backing track and plays the full studio version.

Stefanos, a self taught guitar player started playing at the age of 9.
Prueba con este!.
Cuando lo tengas dominado utiliza el video en modo experto y estarás tocando con tu propia banda.

Europa - Carlos Santana [Bass tabs]
Sheet music available on:

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Live at Montreux Jazz Festival, 1988. (*) Carlos Santana Band:
Chester Thompson /keyboards
- Patrice Rushen / keyboards
- Alphonso Johnson / bass
- Armando Peraza / congas
- Jose Chepito Areas / timbales
- Leon "Ndugu" Chancler / drums
Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile
A very quick improvisation I did over the Europa backing track. Never mind the many mistakes, this was mainly for showing my new guitar...
Visit for more info.
Мои кавер версии известных композиций. Строго не судите - только учусь))
My cover version...
Lieu de tournage de la vidéo_Viledieu les Poêles

Artiste de Rue

Arrangement pour guitare
Tariq Harb plays Europa by Carlos Santana, arranged for classical guitar.
Помните старую темку?))
Carlos Santana - Europa - Europa Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile Best - Originaly Released on September 1971, it is my favorite. It's been said Santana has written this song for a girl who, experiencing a lot of hardship, tried to find solace in drugs.
A bit sad but still my favorite. Sea - ocean video
Как то так)))
Es la 5ta. canción de "los 5 mejores temas de Toda mi Vida", Gusto escucharla acostado en la playa..campo..o arriba de casa viendo fijamente las estrellas de noche. Me basta escucharla para entrar en un estado de trance y relajación. | Facebook:
Carlos Santana Tabs

Guitar tune:


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live on moscow 17 june 2011
great song played by Carlos Santana

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Carlos Santana - Europa
Sax music by Amigo Iga
Один из самых известных хитов
Live perform by Retro club
Carlos Santana - Europa 1987

Si mantenemos nuestros espíritus llenos de amor y entusiasmo, la edad es una cuestión de sentimientos y no de años...Nuestras vidas adquieren un nuevo significado cuando nos comprometemos con nosotros mismos a lograr nuestras metas, con determinación, pasión, y fuego en nuestras almas.(Copyright © 2010 ELIA IGLESIAS)
Maxim Dolgikh plays for his classmates. Максим Долгих играет для одноклассников 11 "В".
Europa (music Carlos Santana)
Исполняет Юрий Федоренко. (Саксофон - Киев)
Запись без монтажа - живой синхрон видео и аудио..

Europa (music Carlos Santana)
Acts Yuri Fedorenko.
Live performance.
Saxophonist on (wedding, corporate, new year)
mb.t number 095 639 90 44
(Saxophonist for a wedding, corporate) saxophone kiev.
Flavio Sala plays Carlos Santana Europa. Live at Samara Theatre, Russia.
Buy "Flavio Sala Plays Pop"
Twitter @flaviosala1
Twitter @webmusictalents

Carlos Santana - Europa

Carlos Santana Europa cover rev1.0
Musiclab software
RealStrat RealLPC
Playing Europa cover by C. Santana, over a backing track with a Paul Reed Smith SE custom 22

Hola esta rola es Europa de Carlos Santana, el sonido lo grabe directo del pocket pod a la computadora.

Espero que la disfruten, visiten el blog de myspace ahi tengo algunas transcripciones que he hecho

Master Class Yekaterinburg 20.03.2013

A great song for jamming around and having fun. So we decided to record our interpretation of it, a bit smoother and calmer than the original. Hope you enjoy! Thumbs up, comments, ratings all of that good stuff is appreciated! Cheers!
Михаил Глинкин - Europa (Carlos Santana cover version) - апрель 2015
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