Captain Awesome Artillery Stunt: "Captain Awesome" Artillery Stunt FAIL, EXTRA SCENES from Captain Awesome's Artillery Stunt Fail, Captain Awesome Artillery

Captain Awesome Artillery Stunt

Captain Awesome gets shot blocking an artillery shell.

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Noone was seriously injured during the making of this video. All acts represented were done under consent of those involved, and on private property owned by the creators. Under Texas law the usage of fire, fireworks, and firearms is not prohibited on one's own property. The usage of fireworks out of a soda can is neither illegal, or suggested. Please, do not try this at home.
...This is Captain Awesome Artillery Stunt Fail's extra scenes! YouTube h for new videos as they break!!
I don't know guys, maybe they're on to something here. It seems like the whole "Captain Awesome" franchise could really blow up.