Californication Returns: Californication - Season 7 Teaser (Returns 2014), Блудливая Калифорния / Californication (сезон 6) Тизер (Eng) [HD 720]

Californication Returns

Creator: Tom Kapinos
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Hank Moody may be a talented author, despite his gift of the gab, especially for live seducing, his private life is a mess. Repeated attempts to have a stable relationship with Karen, also for the sake of their daughter Becca, fail because of their extreme libertarian infidelity. Hank's sexual appetite also infects talent agent Charlie Runkle, who indulges in all kinds of naughtiness too. More 'victims of hormones' contribute to the lustily lust-
Californication will return for a new season.
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