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CRASH! (1971)

by Alisa Bloch
DEADLY CRASH TEST - IIHS 1971 Insane Crash Test
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I'm an italian petrolhead and cars & motorbikes are my passion which I want to share with all the petrolheads around the world by taking these videos.

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My memories of the day: There had been showers that morning and the sky was still a dull gray when I arrived at the Dallas International Motor Speedway. I was working part time for KTVT Channel 11 in Ft. Worth and had been assigned to shoot Art Arfons' 280-mph jet-powered dragster as he tried to better the world quarter mile land speed record. His new two seat "Super Cyclops" was scheduled to make 3 runs, the first, with a WFAA-TV news man.
As the car approached the line I pressed the shutter release.
Eldon Palmer is a car dealer in Indiana. He drove the Dodge Challenger to promote that car in the Indy 500 1971. Palmer set up a traffic cone on the pit lane to show himself where to begin slowing the car. But someone moved the cone away, Palmer stepped on the brakes too late, lost control of his car and slammed into a temporary grandstand with photographers.
Volkswagen at 35mph
Chevrolet Malibu at 17mph

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Now that the Indy 500 is in the books, another moment of racing history has almost been forgotten. Back in 1971, a Dodge Challenger used as the Pace Car, crashed into the photographers' stand at the end of pit lane.

Driving the pace car that day was local Dodge dealer Eldon Palmer, who fielded the car himself that year because Chrysler, along with Ford and GM, sensed the demise of the muscle car era and chose not to supply an official pace car in 1971. Palmer got together with other local Dodge deal
directed by Harley Cokliss
with J. G. Ballard and Gabrielle Drake
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Crash! is a short film directed by Harley Cokliss, based on J. G. Ballard's short story Crash! Starring J. G. Ballard and Gabrielle Drake.
And extended video of the legendary crash test where the Ford Pinto bursts into flames. It took more than 45 seconds to completely douse the flames. 35 Mp/h Impact.
Pinto Driver HIC - 914