CONTEXT: Ramsay Bolton - the kindest man in Westeros (Out-of-context Ramsay) NSFW, CONTEXT - 2014/ Кастинг для Мастерской хореографов, Iggy Azalea performing


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Tu tutururu tu tutururu tu turu turu tururururu tu
Машина Юмора Стюарта Ли - Контекст (3 сезон 4 серия) (русская озвучка)

Перевод - Насим Калиев (
Озвучил: Vo (
C 14 по 19 ноября 2016 года в Москве и Санкт-Петербурге пройдет четвертый международный фестиваль современной хореографии CONTEXT. ДИАНА ВИШНЁВА.
В программе — выступления ведущих коллективов из Швеции, Нидерландов, Швейцарии, Канады и США, финал конкурса молодых хореографов, творческие встречи, воркшопы, мастер-классы и кинопоказы.

В кинопрограмму, войдут фильмы о лучших современных хореографах и великих танцовщиках. Участниками кинокартин стали такие мэтры, как: Алонсо Кинг, Саша Вальц, Бенджамин Мильпье
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Наглядные результат до и после перенастройке рекламных кампаний Яндекс Директ и Google Adwords в нише ремонт балконов и лоджий под ключ
Vine by phantasia edits // rowyso 4 days
Посмотреть видео «Flynt-fidele a son contexte avi 49,1 МБ», загруженное SEENEEY a.k.a. LE BOSS DU CLIPS 4 SEENEEY-PROD на Dailymotion.
“@thenotoriousmma Conor Mcgregor and me working that bounce in different contexts of paired patterns. Funny enough it was a similar perspective that got…”
FutureBass : Dubstep | Bass-Driven Music
Join me for my talk about the key concepts, benefits, and challenges of context platforms on April 1st in Novosibirsk. More details here: https://2...
Animation featuring the song Koko, by Charlie Parker. Text adapted from Jazz- A Film by Ken Burns. Art and animation by Brian Culmo. Animation made in Adobe Aftereffects CS6.
Noelia Hurtado e Carlos Espinoza / Catania Tango Festival 2015
Tango Context Show - Giovedi 13 agosto 2015 (brano 2 di 2)
"la Plaza" del Lido Azzurro
XV edizione del Festival Internazionale di Tango della Sicilia

The true hero Westeros needs.
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Отзыв Романа Шевченко после работы

Кулинарная студия фартук (сайты):

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Настройка контекстной рекламы

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After an animated 'parody' is created, there is often a lot of audio left on the cutting room floor. It seems a shame to let it all go to waste.

These are lines taken out of context.

Here, Frankie and Bloo discuss the chores situation.
#VIXX #Ken #Hyuk #kpop
Vine by queen hakyeon
As many of you may have noticed, we have been rather busy! Last week, we visited Cologne, Germany to attend Gamescom, the largest game conference in Europe. While there, we took appointments to demonstrate some Bannerlord gameplay to the world's media. Along with this, we released a few videos which were used as part of our presentation.

It has been great to see the excited response to the clips and we're very pleased that your feedback has been so positive! Of course, the game is still very much in develo
CONTEXT 2014 / Мастер-класс Елены Крыгиной
CONTEXT 2014 / Репетиция Мастерской хореографов
Liliya Burdinskaya Dance Company - "Forest"
Music: Ritmo - if you go away

This is my first fan video. As you can see I really love Sherlolly. I'd like to ask you to express your opinions...
#direct #директ #яндекс #БМ #бизнес #молодость #метрика #context #zyltrc #lbhtrn #adwords #google #ga #яд #адвордс #эдвордс #landing #lp #продажи #реклама #делайдирект #royalcontext #яндекс #директ #директолог #маркетинг #конверсия #landingpage #лендинг #royal #context - настройка контекстной рекламы одновременно в google adwords, yandex direct и begun.
After an animated 'parody' is created, there is often a lot of audio left on the cutting room floor. It seems a shame to let it all go to waste.

These are lines taken out of context.

Here, Jenny gets inquisitive with Brad.
1080p for best quality! As always, best with headphones.

You lost. Look what you did to yourself...

Tumblr link:
All lives end, all hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage
Как и зачем именовать бины в контейнере, внедрять значения через конструктор, а также запускать Spring в приложении.
May 19, 2012) Krista Donaldson describes how she works to put innovation in context and get products out of the lab and into the real world to improve health care and living conditions in the developing world.

TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At the TEDxStanford event, TEDTalks video and live speakers were combined to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group.

Stanford University:


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Festival Context. Diana Vishneva
Photos & Edidting by Evgeniya Pirshina
CONTEXT / Richard Alston Dance Company, The Suzanne Dellal Center

Ashley Mears describes the research she did for her book Pricing Beauty: The Making of a Fashion Model.
New Magazine
10 Rewards:
The difference between Classical and Flamenco guitars

Spanish TV 2012



Spanish TV 2011
Original Report

Contact me if you're interested in private skype lessons :-)

1983, East-Berlin Jazzbühne, (GDR-TV SECAM), Art Farmer Quintet: Harry Sokal (ts,ss) Fritz Pauer (p) Günther Wohlgenannt (b) Juris Dudli (d): Fairy Tale Country Side / Context / Round About Midnight /
Мышление нового формата:
Source: ShovelWare Showcase: The Cheetah Girls
Видео отзыв о компании Z-Context от багетной мастерской "Дом Художника" г. Москва
On June 2, the Latin America Initiative at Brookings hosted a series of panel discussions with various experts including economists, lawyers, academics, and practitioners to examine opportunities and challenges facing Cuba in this new context.


Follow Brookings on social media!
Копилка знаний о ФЕХТОВАНИИ. Фехтование, Fencing
Это самое крупное сообщество фехтовальщиков в России и СНГ.

Цель: объединение усилий в накоплении знаний, опыта и навыков фехтования, помощь в обучении других.

Теги: Фехтование, Фехтування, Fencing, Sword, Knight, Рыцари, Меч, Холодное оружие, Шашка, Сабля, Рапира, Шпага, Полутор, Двуручник, Лонгсворд, Спорт
This piece is based on improvisation. Storm utilises 4 classical tracks to interpret them freely in a Hip-Hop mode. A part in the middle of the performance was taken out, when he interacted with Shan and the audience. The person who filmed didn´t get that it was part of the theatrics. The part that is missing is about 5 minutes long.
Vous voulez apprendre à parler le français ? Bonne nouvelle mes cours sont en promotion (durée limitée)
Apprenez à parler le français avec Français Authentique
CONTEXT 2014 / Репетиции VISHNEVA GALA: постановки Владимира Варнавы и Константина Кейхеля
In this video you will hear a girl talking about her holidays with friends in La Paloma (Uruguay). It is an opportunity to learn vocabulary related to camping and also to practice verbs in the preterite tense. After watching, follow this link and complete the interactive exercises to check your understanding.
результат фото- - Маяк в Мире Музыки

PHOTOGRAPHER RAYMOND ROSS This is a song I´ve created using a delay effect trick - Jazz Rock- Ibanez and Boss GT100- Instrumental Guitar Music-


follow at:

Конференция участников мегагрантов "Наука будущего", 19.09.2014.
Доклад профессора Елены Григоренко, руководителя лаборатории междисциплинарных исследований раннего детства (СПбГУ), EGLab (Yale University).
CONTEXT / Public Talk с Дианой Вишнёвой и Аллой Сигаловой
What do skateboarding and innovation have in common? More than you might think. A successful entrepreneur and innovator, Rodney Mullen is widely considered the most influential street skater in history, inventing most of the tricks used today. By the time he was 23, Mullen had already set new milestones for skateboarding winning 35 out of 36 freestyle competitions. He studied engineering at the University of Florida before co-founding World Industries, the largest skate company of the 90's, which was acquir
Panels, is one of the most mis-understood modules in the Drupal eco-system. Drupal developers seem to either love Panels, or hate it with a passion. Most of the time, when I begin to unwrap why people do not like Panels, it is mainly a misunderstanding of what makes Panels so powerful, Page Manager.

This was shot at SandCamp 2016. You can see the session page here:

In this video, see a mock sports league built out with the
С ютьюба эту песню постоянно удаляют. Пришлось загрузить тут.
No pain, no game, no Kuril Islands, Japan!!!
Dmitry Leontiev "Personality in the Social Context" (1994).

Дмитрий Алексеевич Леонтьев "Личность в социальном контексте" (1994 год).

Дмитрий Алексеевич Леонтьев - российский психолог, доктор психологических наук, профессор факультета психологии Московского государственного университета им. М.В. Ломоносова, заведующий лабораторией проблем развития личности лиц с ограниченными возможностями здоровья Московского городского психолого-педагогического университета.
#direct #директ #яндекс #БМ #бизнес #молодость #метрика #context #zyltrc #lbhtrn #adwords #google #ga #яд #адвордс #эдвордс #landing #lp #продажи #реклама #делайдирект #royalcontext #яндекс #директ #директолог #маркетинг #конверсия #landingpage #лендинг #royal #context
A Documentary About Lesbian Rape
29 ноября в театре им.Моссовета прошел Гала-вечер в рамках фестиваля Context. Диана Вишнёва. Свои работы представили как известные международные труппы, так и молодые, но не менее талантливые хореографы. Gala evening of Context festival was set on the 29th of November in Mossoviet theater. The performance gave the opportunity to young and talented choreographers to share the stage with famous international dance companies. Diana Vishneva was also performing the first solo ever. Video by
Nothing up their sleeves, and nothing in their pockets.

Danced and created by:
Elie Tass, Emile Josse, Hyo Seung Ye, Kaori Ito, Mathieu Desseigne Ravel, Mélanie Lomoff, Romeu Runa, Rosalba Torres Guerrero, Ross Mc Cormack

Видел собственными глазами!!! Это было просто офигенно!
Minimal Techno Community


Boiler Room Mexico presents the second chapter of the Uncover Sessions documentary series – a deep dive into Monterrey's electronic music community.

Choreography - Yuliya Semenova.
This is an interpretation of Blue Caterpiller from ALICE IN WONDERLAND. When we watch TV a lot, it makes us drugged. The reality is all smoke.
Настройка контекстной рекламы Яндекс Директ и Google Adwords
Context: |
Produced by Cinematic
Director: Louis Ellison
Assistant Director: Context
Producers: Adrian Sykes, Ashley Sykes, Fawaz Al-Jabban
Editor: Edoardo Trowse
Grader: Mark Meadows (Smoke and Mirrors)
Mixed by: Miles Walker
00:00 - 00:57 - Giant Steps
00:58 - 01:32 - Attila Zoller (Ruff Pack)
01:33 - 02:37 - Emo (Ruff Pack)

Внекласное чтение кулинарных книг, гастрономические экспедиции по пост-советскому пространству, интервью с теми, о ком не пишет Time out.

Get modern!
In this tutorial, learn how to use the Blended Box Map to project maps onto an object in a way that doesn’t require complex UV Mapping. This Part...
Noelia Hurtado e Carlitos Espinoza al Catania Tango Festival 2015
Tango Context Show - Giovedi 13 agosto 2015 (brano 1 di 2)
"la Plaza" del Lido Azzurro
XV edizione del Festival Internazionale di Tango della Sicilia
Лекция 7 - Formal Concept Analysis
В этой лекции рассказывается о том, откуда возник анализ формальных понятий, для чего он используется и какие задачи в нем ставятся, кто эти люди, которые им занимаются.
Лектор – Богдан Черномаз, Факультет Математики и Информатики.
Ever wondered what TJLC was all about? Or have you wanted a quick and easy way to explain to your friends what that complex diagram of plot details, creator quotes, and symbols hanging on your wall was for? Well you're in luck because this video series is for you!

In this series I'll be breaking down the theories and explanations surrounding everyone's favorite gay conspiracy. This first video establishes the background context for the TJLC reading of the show by talking about the original Holmes canon, T

There are 200 English topics in for speaking practice. Watch all the playlist

It can help improve English vocabulary.
Minsk, BY

This is a piece of film with no context.
The whole thing is a compilation of short clips and audio pulled from last year's archives.

Gold and blue are the colours of the sun and the bright midday sky.
Gold gives off light and warmth, blue gives off twilight and chills.
So, what's the context? You tell me.

The soundtrack
Hayden Calnin -
The used song "Launch" inspired me to finish this piece in the first place.
All credit goes to the Australian magician.
This program is dedicated to Vladislav Krasnow, founder and President of "Russia & America Goodwill Association" (RAGA), his debate with Richard Pipes, Russophobia in America's foreign policy, prospects of Russian-American relations, and Professor Krasnow's new book.
Host - Alexander Domrin.
In which John discusses the crisis in Ukraine, and how the influence of Russia and Europe have shaped Ukrainian politics for centuries. REMINDER: Educational videos are allowed to be more than four minutes long.

Thanks to Rosianna for image-gathering:

The BBC's Ukraine hub:
CIA Factbook on Ukraine:
The wikipedia article about the Crimean
Read more here:

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Context makes it possible to pass data through the component hierarchy, without needing intermediate components to know about it.

Episode Source Code:

Oficial Documentation:

Music by
A Capo is generally regarded as a fast way to transpose the key of a song, but there are other ways a capo can be used to affect the aesthetic.

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Одностраничник Евгения Коваленко по декоративному щебню и услуги ремонта бытовой техники

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CONTEXT / Public talk / Диана Вишнева
"The Moravian Archaeological Context"
Dr. Michael O. Hartley, Director of Archaeology, Old Salem Museums & Gardens
Art in Clay Symposium, April 15-16, 2011
Old Salem Museums & Gardens
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Enrichment/Instructional video for 10th Grade British Literature students at the University School of Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee.
While deep neural networks have led to human-level performance on computer vision tasks, they have yet to demonstrate similar
gains for holistic scene understanding. In particular, 3D context has been shown to be an extremely important cue for scene understanding - yet very little research has been done on integrating context information with deep models. This paper presents an approach to embed 3D context into the topology of a neural network trained to perform holistic scene understanding. Given a depth i
попытка сделать видео дневник маленького трипа ) хотя бы нескольких дней,надеюсь у меня хватит на это терпения ))
ian yates – character design (Tuts +)
Исполнитель: Летс Гоу Рэдио (Lets Go Radio)
Дата релиза: 29 августа, 2013
Режиссер: Иаков Казимир (Jakob Kasimir)
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Context Part 2 shows how to use Higher-Order-Components and subscriptions to use React's Context safely.

Source code & episode requests: https://g...
Leave some more in the comments and i might make part 2 :)

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Magical Mystery video - https://www.yout...

В этом уроке мы рассмотрим контекстное меню в Android, посмотрим как сделать разные меню для разных элементов.

О канале
Development in android- разработка Android-приложений легко и просто!
Обучающие видео-уроки по разработке для ОC Android. Подпишитесь на наш канал, чтобы не пропустить новые уроки - обновление ежедневно!

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#rapafisha #video #undergroundhiphop #boombap #context #jimmy_flipshyt #aussiehiphop #rap
В данном видео продолжаем изучать такие аспекты Сервлета как параметры запроса, сессия и контекст. Мы рассмотрим, как можно сохранять данные в сессии и в контексте при передачи параметров между клиентом и сервером.

Fernando - Abba
Second Christmas Colloquium on Computer Vision
Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Center for Data-Intensive Science and Engineering (CDISE) of Skoltech i...
View whole series here:

Call, Apply & Bind are avoided by many JS developers, but it doesn't have to be that way. Context is a simple concept that creates complicated realities for developers. In this javascript tutorial, we're going to cover context in javascript, how it's determined, and how/why it changes.

When you understand context, you'll feel much more at home with Javascript as a language, and callbacks, especially will fee
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Over several months, video cameras captured Deb Roy’s son getting better at saying “ball” and then “blue ball,” a distinctive object that can be seen in some of the clips. Read more:
Детали скринкаста - на странице
We learn English vocabulary and grammar in context. Watch all the playlist

There are 33 English topics with explanations
HipHop4Real - сайт о Настоящем и Независимом Хип-Хопе со всего мира.


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